Mirzapur 2 EXCLUSIVE! Anjum Sharma AKA Sharad On Season 2 VS Season 1 & More
Mirzapur 2 EXCLUSIVE! Anjum Sharma AKA Sharad On Season 2 VS Season 1 & More

Anjum Sharma plays Sharad Shukla in Mirzapur 2 and it’s going to be interesting to see how his character shapes up in season 2. Among everything for which we have been waiting to see season 2 of the much-loved show, Anjum is surely one.

As he got chatty with us for Mirzapur 2 recently, we asked him a lot of interesting questions. In our previous exclusive story, we shared with you Anjum’s thoughts about working with Pankaj Tripathi and negative trends on social media.



In this part, you can read what he shared about Season 2 of Mirzapur and other interesting things. Read on…

How will you compare season 2 of Mirzapur with its season 1?

See this is a question about the future which no one can predict. But I can tell you that this time, the canvas is big. We have tried to explore more, add more layers to the characters to meet the audience’s expectations. Just like when you pass 1st standard with good marks you work harder in 2nd standard. That’s how the feeling is right now and everyone has tried to get better. The show is more dramatic this time as the story proceeds.” he said.

He further adds, “In the first season we came to know about the characters, their world and what’s happening with them. This time the things will get more dramatic, more emotional. But the intrigue and the internal flavour for which Mirzapur is known for has been kept intact.”

You have worked in Made In Heaven which had a very elite kind of backdrop. Now in Mirzapur, things are totally opposite as its a crime drama which has a very raw vibe. How challenging it was to work in shows which are based on two extremely opposite worlds?

It was fun. It was challenging of course and there’s always a nervousness as well but it stays there when you apply yourself according to the character and move forward.

Talking about working in Made In Heaven and Mirzapur both of which belong to different worlds, Anjum explained that you have to start from zero for every character but it’s the realism of the character that defines it and makes it identifiable for the audience.

Anjum Sharma added that they considered and did the in-depth analysis of how a certain character in certain situations will react and do.

We saw you in Slumdog Millionaire. Are you still in touch with Danny Boyle, Freida Pinto, Dev Patel? Are you pursuing Hollywood dreams?

I am not in touch with them right now because it’s been long. I had met Dev a little while after the film but not Danny. Rest about the work, it doesn’t matter from where it’s coming. Work should be there, it should be interesting and you should be able to use what you know while enhancing your skills.

Talking about if there’s any film in Anjum Sharma’s lineup, he said that all his stress is on Mirzapur right now which is releasing on 23rd Oct and has been made with so much love.

Mirzapur 2 also stars Ali Fazal, Divyendu Sharma, Shweta Tripathi, Vijay Verma, Rasika Dugal and others. Share your excitement for the show with us in the comments section.

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