Mirzapur 2 Exclusive: Amit Sial AKA Maurya On His Favourite Character In The Show & More
Mirzapur 2 Exclusive: Amit Sial AKA Maurya On His Favourite Character In The Show & More(Pic credit – Amit Sial/ Instagram, amazon prime video)

Mirzapur 2 is very close to its release now and as the time is passing, it’s getting tougher to wait for it. It looks like it was just yesterday that fans were trending “MS2W” on social media and now we are here when Oct 20 is all set to end and the show is slated for Oct 23 release.

Actor Amit Sial who plays Maurya got into a conversation with Koimoi and talked about what’s coming up for the audience. Read on for excerpts.


Tell me more about your character and how it shapes up in season 2. In the character promo, Maurya says, “Jab safaai hogi to poore tareeke se hogi, justice ki koi jaat nahi hoti”

Earlier Amit Sial was apprehensive to reveal much about his character arc in Mirzapur 2 but on being insisted he shared, “See there are two things. First of all, I’ve got more screentime so I’ll be visible for more time as compared to the previous season. And if I’ll be seen more then definitely I’ll be doing something too. So where it was left in the first season, Maurya will surely do something this time after what happened with him.”


He further added that it will definitely have more depth, will be more evolved and will be more fun.

How will u compare season 2 of Mirzapur to season 1?

“I really enjoyed shooting and as far as my character is concerned, I feel it’s something really interesting and totally different this time. And you’ve already seen the response of audience”

He further added that he is just hoping the show fulfils the huge expectations of the audience.

Which is your most favourite character in Mirzapur? If it wasn’t Maurya which character you would have loved to play among Ali Fazal’s Guddu Bhaiya, Divyendu Sharma’s Munna Tripathi and Pankaj Tripathi’s Kaleen Tripathi?

“I did Maurya because I felt it’s a kind of character that I’ve never played before. So any day I’d like to play Maurya only. What others are doing, I’ve done it earlier so I don’t want to repeat. I am actually very grateful that I got to play Maurya.” he said.

Talking about the favourite character, Amit Sial said, “I never understand things like these. Even in award shows, they chose the best character, best actor and I genuinely don’t understand how they decide. In athletics when players run we call someone a winner who reaches the point first. But in creative space, I don’t understand how to reach a conclusion. For example, if Amit Sial, Ali Fazal & Divyendu Sharma had played the character of Guddu then you can judge. But everyone has played their parts so well.”

Before Mirzapur, you have worked shows like in Inside Edge, Hostages, Rangbaaz Phir Se and Jamtara. Which is your most favourite show among all? When will next season of Inside Edge come and will there be another season of Hostages since Ronit Roy died in the end?

“My favourite show is the one you skipped. It’s Smoke by Eros Now. What this particular show gave me to do makes it very close to my heart. Rest I give all the credit to Karan Anshuman & Gurmmeet Singh for reviving my career with Inside Edge and changed my life. So both of these shows are close to my heart because of the way they changed my life. Not that the others are any less but these are special.” said Amit Sial.

Talking about the status of upcoming seasons of Inside Edge and Hostages he said that he isn’t aware of any development and only producers can talk about it.

You are from in Uttar Pradesh and so is the show. How much this very fact helped you in playing the character?

“Definitely! But you get most of the help from the script. You can pick things from there which you have seen or witnessed. So every character takes references from his own life. It’s not like you read it and you get it. You have to stay with it, you have to live with it, churning out things in your head. It’s like you are creating a musical tune where you are always doing permutations and combinations. And when you hit the right nail then you know. So there are a lot of things and since I am from Uttar Pradesh I definitely got help because I didn’t have to worry about a lot of things. But it was always a task to do justice to the script that has been written with so much hard work.” he concluded.

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