Loki Season 2: Tom Hiddleston Talks About His Final Scene In The MCU Series
Loki Season 2: Tom Hiddleston Was Thinking Of The Avengers While Ascending The Throne As The Alleged God Of Stories (Picture Credit: IMDb)

After a rough patch, Marvel finally won the hearts of their devoted fans by giving them Loki Season 2. Tom Hiddleston and the team did a marvelous job at portraying every emotion perfectly on screen, especially the final scene of Tom ascending the throne at the end of time as the alleged God of Stories. The English actor recently shared what went through his mind while giving his final shot for the MCU series.

The actor has been playing the role of Loki since 2011 when he first appeared in the film Thor. He reprised his role in 2012’s The Avengers, and before anyone knew Tom became a fan favorite, one can say he became more popular than his brother Thor. His charm and charisma won us over, and with the final episode of the MCU series, people have fallen in love with the character even more.

In the beginning, Tom Hiddleston had a hateful relationship with the Avengers, comprising Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk, and Hawkeye. Loki Season 2 has brought the titular character’s life journey full circle. At the end of the second season, Tom’s God of Mischief saved all the timelines and transformed it into a tree resembling the Yggdrasil, also known as The Tree of Life. Before it turned into a tree, Tom gave a fantastic performance, and his facial expression carried the weight of the situation. He portrayed a somber look on his face, but what was the actor thinking about while doing the part?

According to a report by Marvel, Tom Hiddleston opened up about his state of mind while doing that powerful scene in the Loki Season 2 finale. The actor said, “I was thinking of people I’ve worked with — I was thinking of Kenneth Branagh and Chris Hemsworth and Anthony Hopkins.” For the unversed, Kenneth directed the first Thor film, and we have seen Hopkins as Odin.

Tom continued, ” I was thinking of the original six Avengers. I was thinking of the 14 years I spent playing this character. It was it was a big moment. It was a big day. It felt full.” The emotions could be felt through the screen, but what Hiddleston said in his latest interview makes it more heart-melting. It has been a journey, and he had one of the best character developments in the MCU.

Although it might seem like Tom Hiddleston won’t appear in the MCU as Loki again, there have been several theories about his involvement in Avengers: Secret Wars. He might return with that film.

Loki Season 2, starring Tom Hiddleston, is streaming on Disney+.

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