Suvinder Vicky on 'Kohrra': Raising my hand at Harleen was most difficult
Suvinder Vicky on ‘Kohrra’: Raising my hand at Harleen was most difficult ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Actor Suvinder Vicky, who will be now seen playing a cop in ‘Kohrra’, has shared that there were a few demanding scenes that required him to channel his intense emotions to appear natural.

Suvinder takes on the challenging role of Balbir, a cop character who is set out to solve a murder mystery while dealing with his complicated personal life.

As a disturbed father with a troubling past, Suvinder not only needed to own the mannerisms and body language of a policeman but also slip into the skin of a man with conflicting and layered sentiments.

Opening up about the difficulties he faced while portraying Balbir, Suvinder said: “The first one was when I had to raise my hand at Harleen Sethi. Before shooting this scene, I apologised to her in case I hurt her in the process.”

Within this emotionally charged narrative, Suvinder’s character shines through as he navigates the highs and lows of a father-daughter relationship, complexities of love, as well as the consequences of decisions he made in the face of adversity.

In keeping with his commitment to authenticity, Suvinder went a step further to tap into his intense emotions to bring out a natural performance that is compelling on-screen. But these heavy-duty performances are never without their challenges.

“The second was my wife’s flashback scene. We had to be in the moment, a bit unstable, and truly immersed in our characters. To make it appear natural, we even grew our nails to depict our state of mind and agreed in advance that if there were any unintended injuries, we would apologise to each other. The intensity demanded by the scene pushed us completely into the moment,” the ‘CAT‘ star added.

Set against the backdrop of Punjab where an NRI is murdered just before his wedding, ‘Kohrra’ weaves a narrative that resonates with authenticity and rawness.

‘Kohrra’ stars Barun Sobti, Rachel Shelly, Varun Badola, among others and will release on July 15 on Netflix.

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