Kavita Seth's album 'Dayaar-e-Rooh' is a musical journey through sufism
Kavita Seth’s album ‘Dayaar-e-Rooh’ is a musical journey through sufism ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Singer Kavita Seth’s latest album ‘Dayaar-e-Rooh’ features nine tracks, all of which were recorded live without any arrangement.

This approach allowed the musicians to truly connect with each other and create a unique and authentic sound.

The album kicks off with ‘Jiska Zikr‘, a track that showcases Seth’s vocals and emotive songwriting. The lyrics, penned by Jagdish Prakash, are poignant and thought-provoking, making for a powerful opening to the album.

For Seth, Sufism has been a source of inspiration throughout her musical journey. In Dayaar-e-Rooh, she wanted to delve deeper into that inspiration and explore the themes of spirituality and connection to the divine force.

She said: “Sufism has always been a source of inspiration and spiritual guidance for me, and in Dayaar-e-Rooh, I wanted to explore that inspiration more deeply. The album is a journey through my own experiences of connecting with the divine force, and each song is a reflection of a different aspect of that journey.”

Seth added: “One of the unique aspects of this album is that it was recorded live without any arrangements. This allowed the musicians to play together in a natural and spontaneous way, capturing the essence and energy of the performances. It also reflects the core message of Sufism – that true connection with the divine can only be achieved through an authentic and heartfelt expression of oneself.

“Through the lyrics and themes of the songs, I hope to inspire listeners to explore their own spiritual path and connect with the divine in their own way. Each song delivers a message of love, compassion, and hope, and I believe that listeners will be able to feel that same sense of spiritual connection and inspiration that I feel when I sing these songs.”

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