Friends' Theme Song 'I'll Be There For You' Fame 'The Rembrandts' Band Share It Was Like An Albatross Around Their Necks
Friends’ Iconic Track ‘I’ll Be There For You’ Fame ‘The Rembrandts’ Band Reveal How The Song Ruined Their Career ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

One of the iconic American sitcoms back in the 90s Friends’ theme song, “I’ll be there for you”, had become an anthem for every friend circle. Still now, decades later, we find ourselves humming that tune or the track itself. The number of debates there have been over the clap section in the song is uncountable.

However, now, the band who sang the song ‘I’ll be there for you’, The Rembrandts, revealed in a recent media conversation that the track had broken them up and had ruined their career. Scroll below to get the scoop!

US rock duo Danny Wilde and Phil Solem had reluctantly agreed to record I’ll Be There For You for the sitcom Friends when it debuted back in 1994. But when the show gained immense popularity, they had to shoot an extended version of the song in 1995 featuring the star cast of the sitcom, including Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc.

Now, in a recent interview with The Guardian, the members of The Rembrandts opened up about how the success of the song was for them. Wilde shared, “We didn’t want anyone to know we’d sold out. But the song stuck, the show stuck and it snowballed. The record company rushed us into the studio to cut a full version. We shot a video on the SNL set, with the cast goofing around on our instruments.”

Further going into the conversation, Danny Wilde shared, “The song became an albatross round our necks and broke up the band for a few years. My bandmate Phil Solem had pretty much had it, so we took a two-year vacation from each other.”

However, now things look a little better for the duo as they have reunited and still do a few gigs every now and then. Talking about how they see it in a positive perspective now after so many years, Wilde explained, “Friends is on 24 hours a day somewhere. Every time it gets played, there’s a little ker-ching. It’s only a nickel or whatever, but they add up. It put my kids through college and got me a beautiful home. I’m not rich but I’m comfortable. We were snobby about it early on and it messed with our heads. But what a gift it’s been. I might be living on the streets if it wasn’t for that song.”

Well, Friends will forever remain an iconic sitcom and so will the ‘I’ll Be There For You’ track. What is your opinion about it? Let us know!

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