Filhaal 2 vs Filhall: Vote For Your Favourite Akshay Kumar & Nupur Sanon Song
Filhaal 2 vs Filhall: Vote For Your Favourite Akshay Kumar & Nupur Sanon’s Tragic Love Story (Photo Credit: IMDb)

Akshay Kumar’s much-awaited new music video, Filhaal 2: Mohabbat, co-starring Kriti Sanon’s sister Nupur Sanon is finally out today. Both stars reprise their characters of former lovers in this new track. The soul touching song is helmed by Arvindr Khaira.


Filhaal 2: Mohabbat is the second part of the music video, Filhall which was released in 2019. Both Kumar and Sanon had impressed viewers since the first music video and the charm continues to enthral the audience. Their expressions were enough to convey their emotions.


Now let’s talk about both the music video and vote for the best.


The eloquent track begins with Akshay Kumar, as a doctor, hears of a patient arriving at the emergency ward. Akki later finds out that the patient is his ex-lover Nupur, who met with an accident, is lying with blood gushing out of her body. As she lies unconscious, the video goes into flashback where he renumerates the time spent with his lady love and under what circumstances they had to separate.

Nupur Sanon was seen donning a simple yet gorgeous kurta as she romances Akshay. While the two share great chemistry as the love story progresses, but had to part ways due to family issues. The song also shows a glimpse of singer Ammy Virk, who plays the role of Nupur’s present lover. Television star Asmita Sood plays the role of Akshay’s wife. The video ended on a heartbreaking note as the two continues with their respective lives and never meet again.

Filhaal 2: Mohabbat

The music video begins with Kumar on a bike and Sanon standing on a balcony. As the former looks at her, the song begins. Heartbroken Kumar is seen unable to forget her and the lyrics, “Whether she’s still in love with him or not? Does your current partner know how to keep you calm?” shows his agony. The music video dealt with both past and present. It showed a teary-eyed Akshay Kumar dancing at Sanon’s wedding and the story of how the two met. Interestingly, the video ended on a heartbreaking scene where Kumar is hit by a truck and lying in a pool of blood on a road.

Which one did you like the most – Filhall or Filhaal 2: Mohabbat? Vote now.


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