Harsh Vasishtha explains how his character bridges the centuries that divide Dhruv, Tara
Harsh Vasishtha explains how his character bridges the centuries that divide Dhruv, Tara ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

The epic romance drama ‘Dhruv Tara – Samay Sadi Se Pare’ recently welcomed actor Harsh Vashishta to the show as he joined in as a new addition. Harsh said that his character Ravi Saxena will allow the two protagonists Dhruv and Tara to bridge the gap between them and allow their love to grow.

Explaining Ravi’s role in building the romance between Dhruv and Tara, Harsh said: “Ravi’s character is going to help bridge the gap between Dhruv and Tara, ultimately drawing them closer to each other. It is through Tara’s realisation of the emotional turmoil endured by Dhruv and his father that an understanding will take place.”

He continued: “Their shared journey of separation and suffering will become a ground for their blossoming love and affection. This will allow Dhruv and Tara to create a relationship built on the foundation of trust and solidarity.”

Based on the concept that love transcends time itself, the show focuses on Dhruv (Ishaan Dhawan), a neurosurgeon from the 21st century, and Tara (Riya Sharma), a courageous princess from the 17th century.

Playing Dhruv’s father in the show, Harsh also described the father-son dynamic of the two characters.

He said: “When Dhruv meets his father, Ravi for the first time, it is truly surreal. Even with no words spoken, there is an evident connection between father and son and it is beautifully conveyed on screen with Dhruv shedding a tear on his father’s foot.”

This bond between Ravi and Dhruv will continue to grow and evolve as the story progresses.

“For Ravi, coming out of his trauma and being able to be with his family, especially his son Dhruv, feels like a miracle. He will cherish every moment he has with his son and appreciate their relationship,” the actor added.

‘Dhruv Tara- Samay Sadi Se Pare’ airs Monday to Saturday on Sony SAB.

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