Chris Gayle adds Jamaican flavour in new music video, 'Groove'
Chris Gayle Adds Reggae Jamaican Touch To The Music Video ‘Groove'(Pic credit – Chris Gayle/ Instagram )

West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle has collaborated with British Indian singer Avina Shah for a new track.

The two put together the music video of the song, “Groove’ during the lockdown, shooting in different countries.



After shooting for the music video in Jamaica, Gayle heads to Dubai where he will be playing for the Indian Premier League (IPL).

“I love the track and the ‘Groove’! It’s my first collaboration with a female artist, thanks to Avina and I’m really looking forward to this release,” Gayle said.

He added it was a great experience shooting the music video, as they wanted to mix the Jamaican flavour with Indian and Western sounds.

“We managed to put together the whole project in a short space of time, big up to the crew!” the cricketing icon said.

Avina said: “It is a unique mix of English, Hindi and Punjabi, and getting Chris on board is the highlight! He brings his Reggae Jamaican flavour to the track, which has a vibe.”

The singer tagged the cricketer as an “absolute legend”, adding: “I am really happy with the sound that he brings to ‘Groove’ and we can’t wait to see the response!”

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