Ajey Nagar Reveals The Real Reason Behind CarryMinati
Did You Know The Real Reason Behind CarryMinati? Here’s Ajey Nagar Revealing The Same! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Indian YouTuber CarryMinati rose to fame after his roast videos became viral. He is well known for his comedic skits and reactions to various online topics on his channel. He now enjoys more than 30 million subscribers on YouTube. But did you how he came up with the cool name for his channel? Well, scroll down to know!

The YouTuber, whose real name is Ajey Nagar, began his YouTube career at the age of 15 and now he is dubbed as India’s no 1 YouTuber. Reportedly, his worth is estimated to be 27 crores, however, he has never confirmed about the same.



During a conversation with Outlook India, CarryMinati about how came up with a cool name for his YouTube Channel. He said, “The alias for me is just a cool sounding name. In the counter strike, it’s quite common that people keep their alias with ‘Carry’, which means a player who shields his entire team and leads the army, eliminating opposition singlehandedly. Minati comes from the word Illuminati.”

Back in 2019, Ajey Nagar was named the ‘Next Generation Leader’ by TIME Magazine. Talking about the experience, he said, “At first, I didn’t know how massive it was but after the feature, I realised the honour. It motivated me to invest greater efforts into what I was doing and it felt incredible to be internally celebrated for expertise that was still in its’ nascent stages in India.”

When he askes about attaining popularity at a young age, CarryMinati said, “Let’s talk about the cons first – I would try to find validation through money and fame and equate happiness with materialism. As a teenager, you also want to live a carefree life which I missed out on because I was so engrossed pursuing my passion. The good part is that I gained confidence as I was a reserved child who couldn’t express myself freely. It felt amazing to go from being invisible to being widely recognised, something like the superhero fictional films. The biggest gift was and is to actually get unparalleled support and respect from complete strangers in my good and bad times.”

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