Bigg Boss OTT Exclusive! Divya Agarwal Did Not Apologize To Karan Johar After Coming Out Of The House
Exclusive! Divya Agarwal On Tiff With Bigg Boss OTT Host Karan Johar(Photo Credit: Instagram)

Divya Agarwal turned out to be the lone wolf and bagged the winner title of Bigg Boss OTT. She witnessed a lot of roadblocks in the journey. From being unable to find a connection to friends continuously backstabbing her, it wasn’t a cakewalk. But the controversy that created the most noise was tiff with Karan Johar.

It was since the first Sunday Ka Vaar that Divya witnessed a huge blow. KJo accused her of bitching behind her best friend’s (Shamita Shetty) back. As a result, the entire house turned against her and isolated her. But week after week, we saw improvement in the host-contestant’s relationship.



Many Bigg Boss OTT contestants like Akshara Singh, Muskaan Jattana have felt that Karan Johar is a biased host. Asked about the same, Divya Agarwal exclusively told us, “I saw some things when I came out. Even my family and friends had that opinion because it was going around so much. For me, it’s a very basic human understanding. For example, I know you, so even in a crowd of 50-100 people, I will give you an eye.”

Divya Agarwal continued, “There is automatically some kind of importance that I would give to you over people that I have never seen or I have never met. Basically, he already had a mindset about some contestants and my job was to break that. Let’s accept the fact that yes, he knew her, it was all a very friendly reaction.”

She also revealed her last conversation with Karan Johar after he handed her the Bigg Boss OTT trophy. “I did not apologise, I told him ‘Whatever happened in the show, it was in the heat of the moment.’ Before I could complete it, he said, ‘Darling, you’ve done amazing. Really proud of you.’ So I was like ‘Okay, everything is justified now.’”

Watch it below:

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