Sofia Hayat Shares Getting Molested While Celebrating Holi
Sofia Hayat Shares Unpleasant Experience Of Holi(Pic Credit: Instagram/sofiahayat)

Holi is here and unlike every year, this year’s celebrations are a bit different as people are taking Covid-19 precautions and avoiding any sort of contact. It’s also one of the most celebrated festivals in the glam world and Bigg Boss 7 contestant and actress, Sofia Hayat is opening up about her experience celebrating it. Keeping aside the good memories, she has shared an unpleasant experience to make other ladies aware.


Opening up on her Holi celebration, Sofia shared an incident where she was unknowingly served with Bhaang (edible preparation of cannabis used in drinks to celebrate Holi). She reveals getting molested when she got a bit of high on it.


Talking to SpotboyE, Sofia Hayat shared, “I was at a Holi party where there were a lot of celebrities, and lots of people wanted to take pictures with me. Normally I am a little protective in situations when there is a lot of fans, but I had some pani puri at the party but I did not know it had bhang in it. They did not tell me. The bhang made me super happy and my guard was down. I took pictures with everyone but then one guy put his hand up my skirt. At first, I thought this cannot be happening, then he did it again. This time I shoved him hard in the chest and he fell onto the floor.”

Sofia Hayat further revealed that one person from the media fraternity helped her and dropped her in the car.

“The media were there and a journalist friend came up to me and said, ‘I will walk you to your driver. Go home. The people are getting crazy now,'” the Bigg Boss 7 fame actress added.

Sofia Hayat even urged every woman to be aware of all such nuisance while celebrating Holi, towards the end of the conversation.

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