'Bigg Boss 17': Rinku Dhawan's survival mantra is to play honestly
Rinku Dhawan Revealed Her Survival Mantra. (Picture Credit: Instagram)

Actress Rinku Dhawan has entered the 17th edition of the controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ hosted by superstar Salman Khan. The actress has shared about what her game plan would be in the show.

Rinku, who has been in the industry for almost 25 years now, is happy that she has taken the plunge.

She said: “I feel really good about going to the Bigg Boss house at this stage. It feels quite nice and smooth. It feels like I’m meant to be in this house now! When I received the offer and went for the meeting, I hadn’t really thought much about it. But after that, when I gave it some thought, it felt like maybe I’m ready for this journey of life with all the ups and downs.”

“It felt like I’m ready to express myself. So far, I’ve only played different roles, but now it feels like I’m ready to go out there and express my true self to my audience, they will get to know Rinku Dhawan!”

On being asked about her survival mantra inside the house, Rinku said: “My survival mantra is to play as honestly as you can, and to give your best within your capabilities. It’s a game, it’s a contest, and everyone has come to win. I have come to win too, and I will focus on that goal. I will adapt to the situation as needed.”

We have seen in the history of ‘Bigg Boss‘ that this show can really make a lot of difference in contestants’ career.

Rinku said: “I don’t think ‘Bigg Boss’ can make or break someone’s career for sure. It depends on how you present yourself in the game, and ‘Bigg Boss’ can certainly be a platform. How we shape our career is up to us. So, I don’t see anything negative about it. Whatever the outcome, I believe it will be a positive experience for everyone.”

Rinku is also not thinking how long she is going to survive in the show.

The actress said: “I believe that having expectations can often lead to disappointments. So, I’m not setting any expectations, but I am confident that I will win the show in many ways.”

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