Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik Losing Out On Her Second Chance?
Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik Lacking The Spark Post Her Re-Entry?

One would think Kavita Kaushik would change her strategy after her re-entry in the Bigg Boss 14 house following the shocking eviction earlier. Perish the thought, her attitude upon return has left many wondering if she has lost the plot.


When Kavita entered the show for the first time, she was seen as a strong contestant, but the spark fizzled out when she entered the house, especially following her fight with Eijaz Khan. She even admitted that the fight with Eijaz went against her, and led to her eviction just after a week of entry.


Now, Kavita Kaushik is back in the game, and nothing much has changed.

Kavita Kaushik is still picking fights with Eijaz time and again, over old topics.

In fact, when inside the house for a special segment, celebrity guest and filmmaker Farah Khan had asked her to move on as the whole issue with Eijaz was getting repetitive and boring for the audience. It seems Kavita is in no mood to pay heed to the advice.

The whole game of Bigg Boss is about getting out of one’s comfort zone and showing your personality under adverse circumstances. While locked up inside the show, it is also about forming alliances to survive.

Kavita is doing nothing of that sort. There is no enthusiasm when it comes to tasks, she accepts losing easily and is not seen forging a bond with any of the housemates.

In the weekend episode, superstar Salman Khan also questioned her about giving up so easily and not fighting for it.

Now, in addition to Eijaz, she is also picking fights with Aly Goni, who happens to be a good friend of Eijaz.

Her latest tiff with Eijaz has been because of kitchen cleanliness. The matter got elevated to a point that she got physical, and Bigg Boss had to intervene.

Later, Kavita was even seen accusing Salman of not being interested in her explanations and just supporting Eijaz.

Kavita said that when she had entered the show she thought that no one else but Salman would understand her. Now, she thinks Salman doesn’t even look interested when she tries to explain anything to him.

She said: “Main unki ek-ek expression, ek-ek line jo woh bolte hain, mai woh bhanp gayi hoon ki main kaisi dikh rahi hoon (I have paid attention to all his words and expressions, and have understood how I appear in the show).”

Her strategy is becoming predictable — belly-aching about things, or getting into fights with Eijaz or Aly.

“#KavitaKaushik there is a life beyond #EijazKhan and feeding him chicken!! It’s really petty and cheap!! Stop this Kavita you are really disgusting,” shared one user on Twitter.

Another wrote: “#KavitaKaushik you exposed your self by your game. You are looking only because of #EijazKhan. As per your statement Finally, you exposed #EijazKhan because he is the #EijazIsTheBoss and without #Eijaz you are nothing.”

It’s clear that she hasn’t learnt any lesson, and only time will tell how long can she survives with such strategy and attitude.

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