National Award-Winning Director Sudha Kongara Says 'You Are My Gods' To Her Audiences
‘You Are My Gods’, National Award-Winning Director Sudha Kongara Tells Audiences ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia )

Director Sudha Kongara, whose ‘Soorarai Pottru’ featuring actors Suriya and Aparna Bala in the lead, walked away with as many as five National Awards, on Tuesday issued a heartfelt statement of gratitude, in which she called her audience ‘Gods’ who kept her going.

The statement issued by Sudha Kongara read, “The journey of this film started with my dad passing away. The last image of father that I carry is of him gesturing to me from his bed to come to him as I stood in the doorway. I went back and added this as a scene in ‘Soorarai Pottru’. As film makers, I guess most of us are finally just greedy voyeurs looking for those moments in our lives to put into our films.”

“Thank you dad for the many moments from our lives I’ve put into ‘Soorarai Pottru‘. My only regret at this moment of winning the awards is you not being there to see it,” Sudha Kongara added

Sudha Kongara then said, “Thank you to my guru. What am I Mani sir without all that you have taught me? A zero. Thank you Captain Gopinath and Surya. To you sirs… one for entrusting me with his life story and the other for living it on screen”.

“Thank you to the producers and every member of the cast and crew of the film. There are no better words than Mahakavi Bharathiyar’s that I can say to each and every one of you at this moment – ‘Soorarai Pottru’. Thank you to my family. For having my back during my lowest of lows. You are my anchors,” Director Sudha Kongara added.

“Thank you to my friends GV, Poornima, Dr Vijay Shankar… My best buddies who always believed in me and never let me fall during this journey. You are my rocks. Thank you to my assistant directors. You are my fierce band of loyal warriors out there making my journey possible each time with every film.”

“Thank you to the media. You have smacked me hard when I have faltered and failed and supported me even harder when I got something right. You will always remain my beacons. Above all, thank you to the audiences. I finally watched the film in the theatre after nearly two years and your every cheer, every scream and every whistle gave me my closure for this film. You keep me alive. You keep me going. You are my Gods.”

“And finally a big shout out to all the film makers from my tribe out there. You struggle and yet you persevere and create against all odds. You make films that you want to make the way you want to, when you want to, how you want to, and with who you want to. You are blazing paths for many many young ladies out there to tread fearless in the near future. With a heart filled with gratitude, Sudha Kongara.”

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