Rajinikanth's Chitti From Robot Connection With Ultron
Rajinikanth’s Robot, Chitti Has This Connection From Tony Stark’s AI Ultron ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

Superstar Rajnikanth played the role of the AI Robot, Chitti, and the audiences were amazed by his performance and the excellent VFX used in the movies. Created by S. Shankar, it is a fictional character and the primary protagonist of the Robot film series. Being an AI Robot of India, what if we tell he could have become just like MCU’s AI Ultron? Read on to find out!

Released in 2010, the first Robot film showed the story of a scientist who created a sophisticated humanoid robot to commission into the Indian Army. The sequel to the 2010 released film, Robot 2.0 was released in 2018 and received a massive response from the audiences.

Along with the capabilities and configurations of Rajinikanth’s Chitti AI, don’t you think he could have been equally powerful to Tony Stark’s AI Ultron? As Chitti became a villain with 2.0 programming, the more he stays with humans, the more he will get to know about the negativity around it. Being a naive robot, Vaseegaran’s AI robot is more likely to be influenced by the negative impact that might just make him like Ultron.

While gaining the nuances of human beings, Rajinikanth’s Chitti would eventually come across negative elements which might corrupt his thinking. The process may lead the AI Robot to subdue the entire humanity and make a new legacy of robots, which is quite similar to what Ulton had envisioned in the MCU.

Thinking of a battle between Chitti and Ultron would be a no-brainer, but ultimately, Ultron would win the round as he has a mind stone. We just hope these cybernetic tyrants would never have to take on each other, otherwise, it will be a total catastrophe and a huge amount of collateral damage.

However, Chitti and Ultron were created to help mankind but went rogue and caused a lot of destruction.

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