Nag Ashwin was Recently seen driving a Modest Reva E20 in the Mothi Nagar area
Nag Ashwin was Recently seen driving a Modest Reva E20 in the Mothi Nagar area ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Nag Ashwin, the visionary director behind the highly anticipated film ‘Kalki 2898 AD,’ has recently captured the spotlight not just for his cinematic creativity but for his down-to-earth lifestyle. Known for creating the futuristic vehicle ‘Bujji’ in his film, which cost a staggering ₹6 crores, Ashwin’s real-life car choice has left everyone amazed.

While traveling through the Mothi Nagar area, Ashwin was spotted driving a humble Reva E20 Plus electric car, valued at around ₹10 lakhs. This sight shocked a few bikers, who quickly recorded videos of the director in his modest vehicle. Despite being a big name in the industry who has worked with stars like Prabhas, Aswin’s choice of a simple eco-friendly car is winning hearts. His simple lifestyle, in stark contrast to the lavish lifestyles of busy successful movie makers, is pleasing the fans.

In an industry where directors often splurge on luxury cars like Range Rovers after just one hit film, Ashwin’s grounded approach is refreshing and unexpected. This balance between his professional and personal life has garnered significant attention and praise.

However, the director’s admirers didn’t stop at just appreciating his simplicity. They delved deeper and discovered that the car is registered under Singireddy Nag Ashwin, and that its insurance had expired in 2021. Concerned netizens have been urging him to renew the insurance promptly to avoid any legal hassles or fines.

Nag Ashwin’s modest lifestyle choices serve as a reminder that success doesn’t always equate to extravagance. His decision to drive a modest electric car, despite his substantial achievements and the grand scale of his projects, highlights a commendable blend of humility and practicality. Fans and onlookers alike continue to be inspired by his grounded approach to life.

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