Major Actor Sesh Adivi Opens Up On Working 10 Years On The Story & Bringing Mahesh Babu On Board (Pic credit: Instagram/urstrulymahesh, adivisesh)
Major Actor Sesh Adivi Opens Up On Working 10 Years On The Story & Bringing Mahesh Babu On Board(Pic credit: Instagram/urstrulymahesh, adivisesh)

Martyr Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s passport-sized photo became the face of bravery in 2008 when he lost his life in the deadly 26/11 terrorist attack. Goodachari fame Sesh Adivi has been holding the same picture close to his heart for more than a decade now. Sesh is all set to introduce the world to Unnikrishnan with the biopic Major. The actor joined Koimoi for an exclusive conversation.


Sesh Adivi started working on Major back in 2008, not that he forever thought of making it into a film. The research was sole as an admirer. In the exclusive interview, Adivi opened up on convincing Major Sandeep’s parents and also bringing Mahesh Babu on board.


Talking about representing a Pan India project with Major, Sesh Adivi said, “It’s good you know. I am not sure if it feels too different because at the end of the day it is the same project. What feels different is actually, that the fact that I am telling Major Sandeep’s story. This is a dream project for me. I have been an admirer and obsessed with his life since 2008, September 27, when I saw his photo for the first time. I was in the US then.”

Sesh Adivi also spoke about the moment he decided to make his passionate research into a film. He said, “The idea to make this story into a film came in 2018. Till then I was just an admirer or fan or a follower whatever you may call it—the ten years. From 2008 to 2018, I was just saving news clippings, web sites, books, anything that was being published about him in a folder. It was only in 2018 I got the idea, and in 2019 when I met his parents, convincing them was a very heartfelt and tough thing.”

“Uncle did not believe that a guy was researching about his son for the last 10 years. It took meeting them four to five times and after meeting them those many times, uncle looked me into the eyes and sad I believe you will make a film about my son 10 per cent. I decided then that this film is made or not, I will treat them like my parents for the rest of my life,” Sesh Adivi added.

The Goodachari fame then spilled the beans over getting Mahesh Babu on board. “So I have a couple of friends and they handle a lot of PR activity for Mahesh sir’s company. I got to meet Namrata ma’am, who is a very good actress in her own right, Namrata Shirodkar. I sat with her and told her this was my idea for the film, and she immediately spoke to Mahesh Babu. He was also very happy and the ball started rolling. They also brought Sony on board. Suddenly all that wanted to do for Major Sandeep’s life started coming true. A lot of people only know about the way he died, but my focus and whatever inspired me is about the way he lived,” Sesh Adivi said.

When asked if it was ever a plan to bring Mahesh Babu on board as a cast member, he said, Never. Neither I thought about it nor did he ever proposed anything of those sorts. It never came into the equation.

Major stars Sesh Adivi as the lead actor alongside Sobhita Dhulipala and Saiee Manjrekar. The makers released the first look test on November 27, which was Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s 12th death anniversary.

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