Do You Know The Relationship Between Adivi Sesh & Superstar Krishna?
Do You Know The Relationship Between Adivi Sesh & Superstar Krishna?(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Young actor Adivi Sesh has carved a niche for himself in the film industry by making small-budget films with strong stories. Fans eagerly await his movies expecting something new and unique each time. Adivi Sesh’s dedication to quality cinema has earned him a loyal following.

Adivi Sesh started his career in the film industry as a character artist and also played villain roles before eventually becoming a hero. He gained significant attention with movies like Kshanam and Goodachari which showcased his talent and versatility. His breakthrough came with the film Major which brought him pan-India recognition. Currently, Adivi Sesh is busy working on a series of promising projects.

In a recent interview, Adivi Sesh shared an interesting connection he has with Superstar Krishna. He revealed that the number on his car is inspired by Mahesh Babu’s father Krishna’s movie “Gudachari 116.” This film, released in 1966, was a pioneering spy thriller in Telugu cinema and had a lasting impact on the genre. Adivi, who is a big fan of superstar Krishna and his work, said that Gudachari 116 inspired his own movie Goodachari as well. He stated that he admired the number 116 so much that he chose to incorporate it into his own film and even wanted it for his car registration number. As a result, Adivi Sesh’s car bears the number 0116, reflecting his admiration for Superstar Krishna and his classic spy movie.

Adivi Sesh’s Goodachari is a spy thriller with a suspenseful plot and engaging screenplay that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. The film was well-received and proved to be a hit, cementing Adivi’s reputation as a talented actor and storyteller.

Currently, he is working on the sequel to Goodachari 2, which has generated a lot of excitement among fans.

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