All you need to know about Kichha Sudeep's divorce filing with wife Priya
All you need to know about Kichha Sudeep’s divorce filing with wife Priya. (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Despite facing challenges in their marriage, Kichha Sudeep and Priya have proven to be a strong couple in the Sandalwood industry, standing by each other through thick and thin. Yet, did you know that Kiccha Sudeep once filed for divorce but later got back together with his wife Priya?

In 2015, their marriage faced a significant challenge and they filed for divorce by mutual consent. Reports suggest that they had been living apart for over four years before taking this step. Despite their separation, Sudeep and Priya maintained a public facade of unity attending events together and keeping their personal issues private.

In an interview with Bangalore Mirror at that time, Kichha Sudeep acknowledged the uncertainties in their relationship. He said, “I don’t know if everything will be alright. There will be misunderstandings in every relationship. If there are misunderstandings in friendship we stop talking to friends for some time. If there is a misunderstanding in marriage it reaches this situation. I can’t predict what can happen.”

Sudeep also agreed not to contest the custody of their daughter Sanvi which could have led to a costly divorce settlement reportedly around Rs. 19 crore. Fortunately over time they worked through their differences.

Though they had filed for divorce Sudeep and Priya never attended court proceedings. They decided to give their relationship another chance for the sake of their daughter. Years after filing for divorce they reconciled and celebrated their wedding anniversary in the Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7 house.

In a reflective interview with Silverscreen, Sudeep shared how his relationship with his daughter Sanvi was affected. He said, “Earlier I would try to be around her as much as I could but I still missed out on the important moments of her life. Now that she is not with me anymore I try twice and thrice as hard because I know how losing such precious time feels like. It hurts not to be around her but it’s all for the best.”

Sudeep and Priya have always respected each other’s feelings and personal lives. Over time they have shown that family is their top priority. Their journey together highlights the power of love, respect and commitment.

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