Kichcha Sudeep Talks About Crazy Fans
Kichcha Sudeep Talks About Crazy Fans(Pic Credit: Movie Still)

Kichcha Sudeep is receiving applause and all the love for his latest release Vikrant Rona. Released last Thursday, VR has done big collections in a Kannada version and globally, while the Hindi numbers too witnessed a spike over the weekend. As the actor is still promoting his fantasy suspense thriller, he recently opened up about crazy things people do for him.

Back in Karnataka, Kichcha is one of the biggest stars and his fandom is unprecedented. His devoted fans are known for doing crazy stuff for him, which might come off as frightening to a normal person. The actor recently shared some of the instances where he himself got scared and called it an ‘extreme’ act by fans.

While talking to Curly Tales, Kichcha Sudeep shared about his crazy fans. He said, “They do extremes. There are people who have their entire body tattoed with name and pictures. If you say that is crazy, then there was this family – an old man, wife, and daughter–walked for 15 days from their town with luggage on their head to come and see me. They came not for help and everywhere they passed, crowd gave them food and everything. They felt this way it will reach me that they have started to travel and I will meet them. I met them, spent half a day with them. I booked train tickets and said, ‘I don’t want you to walk back’.”

Kichcha Sudeep further revealed about people worshipping him like a gob by adding, “I am not that perfect. I have my vices, I make my mistakes. But there are people who constructed temples in my name, who keep my idols in their house and do puja and all. There is a village where every house has my picture and they worship it every morning. That scares me. When people call me there, it scares me. That is not a position I wanted ever.”

Now that’s certainly too much but we can’t really blame them!

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