Game Of Thrones Controversies That Made Headlines
Game Of Thrones & It’s Controversies That Brought Backlash (Photo Credit: Pinterest)

You must have been in a coma for a decade or so, if I have to define to you what Game Of Thrones is. Well, I would consider you were and do the honours still. One of the most path-breaking television show to have graced our sets, Game Of Thrones – adapted from George RR Martin’s iconic novellas Song Of Ice & Fire – is a fantasy series based in the lands of Westeros. The show ran for 8 seasons, all successful. We did part ways on some bitter note but that does not take away the fact that it is the most elaborate show in the history of world television.

But that does not mean the show was far away from controversies, in fact, Game Of Thrones has been a part of them with all seasons. From the representation to certain deaths, many plot points have called in for debates and sometimes even massive hate for the makers. For instance, the George Bush cameo. Well, read on to know more about it as we list 5 top controversies Westeros saw in its almost decade long run.


We all remember how Daenerys Targaryen saved Meereen from the hands of the masters and gave them their free life. The end of Game Of Thrones season 3 was a frame with people of Meereen holding Emilia Clarke, aka Dragon Mother, in the air and cheering for her calling her Mhysa. While it was an image that is still in the mind of its fans, the representation was questioned. It was all people of colour holding a white person high as their saviour, a metaphor not liked by many.


Jamie Lannister has been one of the most confusing characters in Game Of Thrones. Unlike others having a vertical character, his character arc saw frequent shuffles. While you saw him turning into a good man, his decisions pulled him 3 steps down from being a better person. In season 4, after his tragic return at Joffery Baratheon’s funeral, Jamie became one evil person. Him forcing himself on Cersei called for backlash and went down as a bad arc in the history of GOT.


Now, this has been a point of debate since season 1. Game Of Thrones might be an adaptation of books, but certain changes have been made for sure. Unlike the books, Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen’s wedding night wasn’t a romantic affair but Drogo forcing himself on her. This brought a lot of bad light on the show and even the author Martin himself expressed his dismay with the plot.


This has to come in as the most shocking of it all. Not just ED Sheeran but former American President George Bush has also made an appearance on the show. Not in person but his head, confused how? Remember Joffery bringing Sansa to a balcony where Ned Starks’s head on a spike? There were more and one of which was a model of Bush’s head. They revealed this in a commentary and the makers had to apologise later for the same. They expressed that they just used what was available, and that was not a political commentary of any sorts.

Game Of Thrones Controversies That Made Headlines
Game Of Thrones Controversies That Made Headlines

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