5 Bizarre Facts About Game Of Thrones
Game Of Thrones & Its 5 Bizarre Facts That Every Fan Must Know(Pic credit – Still )

You may hate the finale of Game Of Thrones as much as you want, but you cannot disagree with the fact that it was and is one of the most iconic shows of our times. Based on George RR Martin’s creation A Song Of Ice And Fire, the show ran successfully for eight seasons and was a massive hit in no time. It is no news that a lot has gone into making this giant of a show, and the result is the proof.

On that note, there also have to be some bizarre effects and facts of the show amid the masses. Today as HBO announces the commencement of House Of The Dragons, we take you back to the eights seasons and the unusual facts that are related to the show. Get on board, because we are going back to Westeros.


1. HBO Sells You The Iron Throne, For Real!


Yes, you read that right, we aren’t kidding. The studio behind the mass popular show Game Of Thrones sells a replica of the throne to people. As per many portals, the cost of this replica is somewhere around $30,000. Now that is big money, but come on, did you expect the Throne to be cheap?

2. The Throne Also Has Gandalf’s Sword

We are not kidding again; there is a literal connection between the Lord Of The Rings and Game Of Thrones. The production team of the show for real created a replica of the sword used by the mighty Gandalf in LOTR and The Hobbit just to put it in the throne. The gest to be on the throne is justified now.

3. Viserys Dickens Connection

We all remember, how in Game Of Thrones Khal Drogo pouring molten gold on Viserys head fresh like it happened yesterday. Played by Harry Lloyd, the character was one of the most annoying things, and well Drogo gave him his crown. But did you known the actor is directly connected to legendary author Charles Dickens? Yes, he is. Harry is his direct descendant.

4. Jon Snow & Arya Stark Were To Romance?

Did you cringe like we did? I know what the answer is. As per George RR Martin, he had an epic saga where Jon and Arya had a melancholic romance in Game Of Thrones. That would have been 2020 for GOT, thank god it never happened.

5. Lena Heady (Cersei) and Jerome Flynn’s (Bronn) Real Life Relationship

This one has to be the most shocking. Lena Heady the iconic Cersei and Jerome Flynn, the chilled Bronn were in a relationship in real life. The two broke up on a very bad note, just to meet again on the sets of Game Of Thrones. As per BoredPanda, Lena in her contract had mentioned that the makers will not put the two in the same scene.

Which one shocked you the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

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