Tenet Box Office Review Is Out Now
Tenet Has Released All Over India On Dec 4(Pic credit – Imdb )

Tenet Box Office Review: Star Cast: John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Dimple Kapadia, Kenneth Branagh, Himesh Patel, Clemence Poesy, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Michael Caine

Director: Christopher Nolan



Producer: Christopher Nolan, Emma Thomas

Tenet Box Office Review: Expectations

Christopher Nolan enjoys a loyal fan following all over the world thanks to his highly acclaimed work over the years. Be it Batman trilogy, Inception, Interstellar or any other film of him, Nolan has managed to create waves both critically and commercially.

His films are extremely tough to understand in a single viewing. The filmmaker challenges you as a viewer to keep up with his wildly imaginative stories. Despite the fact that the audience finds it tough to understand his films, he uses it as his power. Laced with the skills of extremely powerful storytelling, he manages to convince the audience to visit cinemas, again and again, purely to understand what he just brought on the big screen.

Christopher Nolan’s films haven’t done great at the Indian box office but his fan following has increased significantly over the years. With Tenet the expectations are surely bigger but the pandemic situation may play the villain. Also, the film had released in most of the countries worldwide in August and September which has led to piracy.

Tenet Box Office Review: Impact

Christopher Nolan is Rohit Shetty on A(steroids) in Tenet. If Rohit Shetty blasts away cars in his films, Nolan blasts away an aeroplane. No comparison of their brand of cinema though!

Every time Nolan comes up with a sci-fi film he needs you to charge up your mind and bring it with you with utmost care. Inception, Interstellar and again, you just can’t sit and watch his Tenet while thinking about anything else.

The espionage thriller brings hardcore physics floating around onscreen and it will challenge you as no teacher or professor did in school or college days. Tenet brings the concept of reverse entropy and makes its use to tell you a story which will blow your mind so that you can piece it together again for better.

It’s close to impossible to understand Tenet in its first viewing so, “Don’t try to understand it. Feel it.” And then you can, of course, watch it, again and again, to get hold of the story and understand its nuances. Christopher Nolan is a master filmmaker and you fall in love with him even more and more every time.

The background score is super impressive and so is the cinematography. Tenet will be best enjoyed in its IMAX format and not the other ones. I was pretty lucky to watch the film but in Chandigarh, there is no IMAX screen. And watching it on a normal screen was not that a great experience.

Tenet Box Office Review: Final Verdict

Overall pandemic and piracy may hamper the performance of Tenet in India but it will still find patronage amongst the loyal fanbase of Nolan here. The film has released in 700+ screens all over India and has taken a reasonable start. The film has a great repeat value and hence it can sustain at the box office for quite some time.

The lifetime business of Tenet in India will be somewhere in Rs 20-30 crores range.

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