Jared Leto Wants His Version Of Joker To Meet Robert Pattinson’s Batman?
Jared Leto In Wishing That His Joker Meets Robert Pattinson’s Batman? ( Photo Credit – Instagram / Jared Leto ; IMDb / The Batman )

Jared Leto has, of course, taken the risk of rebuilding his image in the DC universe with Zack Snyder’s Justice League. The actor is all set to embody the Clown Prince Of Crime, Joker, in the flick that stars Ben Affleck as the Batman. But in a parallel universe far away, Matt Reeves is set to give us the god of the project where Robert Pattinson is the cape crusader. While these are two distinct projects under the DC umbrella, the chances of actors from one entering the other cannot be ignored. And seems like Leto already wants to take his bid at it. Read on to know everything about this, we promise it is exciting.

Matt Reeves entered the DCEU scheme of things and announced his cape crusader flick and on top of that titled it The Batman, you see the intensity? Well, Robert Pattinson decided to play the mighty king of the night and the buzz just intensified 10 times. Turns out it is not just the Twilight actor who set their eyes on donning the cape but also Jared Leto, who us ironically playing Joker in Snyder Cut of Justice League.

If a report in We Got This Covered is to go by, Jared Leto has expressed his wish to cross paths with Robert Pattinson’s version of Batman. Yes, you read that right, Leto wants to play his version of the Joker while Pattinson’s version of Cape crusader is around. There is no concrete talks about the same but if the intel is to go by, Jared is keen on doing that and we are complete rooting for this to happen. Especially after “we live in a society…” surprise, aren’t we?

Meanwhile, The Batman has become one of the projects that has been most affected by the pandemic. Yesterday it was reported that Robert Pattinson’s body double was tested positive for COVID-19. But a source close to the development said the team even amid the breaks, is on the right track to wrap up the Matt Reeves directorial next month. As per CinemaBlend, the source said, “Shooting a blockbuster of this scale is difficult enough without the threat of Covid looming large. While this proves Warner Bros’ testing regime is working, having so many people away from sets for ten days is a headache the studio could do without, especially when they are relying on the stunt team to deliver the film’s most spectacular scenes.”

“The movie is still on track to wrap next month and when it does, I think everyone will be breathing a sigh of relief.” The source concluded.

Do you want to see Jared Leto’s Joker cross paths with Robert Pattinson’s Batman? Let us know in the comments section below.

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