From Attention To We Don't Talk Anymore - 5 Charlie Puts Songs To Help You Get Over A Heart-Break, Check Out
From Attention To We Don’t Talk Anymore – 5 Charlie Puts Songs To Help You Get Over A Heart-Break ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

If there’s one thing that we have learned from 2020 is that anything can happen and that nothing is permanent. Everything is temporary. If you’re going through a heartbreak or a breakup, don’t worry; we are here to help you. We might not be able to literally sit and sob with you right now, but we know that Charlie Puth can make you help feel better about it.

We know that attachment sucks but that’s just human of us to get attached to someone who’s not good for us in the long run. If you would ask me, feelings are the real b*tch.



If there’s one singer who makes me feel better when I’m feeling low is Charlie Puth. And today, we bring you 5 songs of the singer that will help you get in a better space mentally and physically.

Attention –

“You just want attention, you don’t want my heart,” can there be something that would hit you hard this real? Charlie Puth definitely knows his way with words and plays with them like a magician. Although the 29-year-old singer never accepted this publicly but his fans think that he wrote this song for Bella Thorne describing their relationship. Well, we have all been there at least once in our lives.

We Don’t Talk Anymore –

“I just heard you found the one you’ve been looking, You’ve been looking for, I wish I would have known that wasn’t me’ Cause even after all this time, I still wonder, Why I can’t move on, Just the way you did so easily,” these lines from the song punches you right in the gut. Selena Gomez’s chorus adds the right kind of drama in the song along with Charlie’s beautiful voice and I bet, you would want to listen to this one on loop after all these years.

How Long –

“I was drunk, I was gone, that don’t make it right, but I promise there were no feelings involved,” I mean, how do you even know how each of us have been feeling inside us? You literally master the lyrics with all your songs, Charlie Puth. You’re indeed a blessing to this broken heart as I write this. Ha ha!

See You Again –

Sometimes, you behave mature and end things with someone you love on a mutual note. No matter how much it hurts, you gotta do the right thing. “But something told me that it wouldn’t last, Had to switch up, look at things different, see the bigger picture, Those were the days, hard work forever pays, Now I see you in a better place,” we can all relate to these lyrics at one point or another in our lives.

Cheating On You –

“I know I said goodbye and baby, you said it too, But when I touch her I feel like I’m cheating on you,” this song is for all of you who are going through a heartbreak and the rebound is giving you a guilt trip. It’s okay, my friend. We have all been there and it’s okay to not feel bad about it, now that you’ve decided to move on.

Which is your favourite song by Charlie Puth? Tell us in the comments below.

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