Siblings Are Very Important & Hollywood Sibling Duos Like Thor-Loki Odison, T’Challa-Shuri & George & Fred Weasley Are Proof!
Do You Share A Similar Similar Bond Like These Hollywood Sibling Duos? ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

If you are a single child, we pity you for missing out on some of the best moments in your life – sibling time. They are your brother from the same mother and sister from the same mister, but that never means you are always sweets and loving to each other. And this rightly depicted by these Hollywood siblings.


From having each other’s back (not all the time) to pulling one and other’s legs and getting into fistfights and even at times ratting out the other to the parents– these Hollywood siblings are as real as we are when we saw them on the silver screen.


So today, we bring you some of the best Hollywood sibling duos who are the main characters in a movie’s plot. From forming phenomenal teams owing to their intelligent or just rapports with each other – they are #siblinggoals.

T’Challa & Shuri (Black Panther)

T’Challa and Shuri may be royalty, but they are still just like you and your brother/sister. From the first moment we saw them together, we knew they were #siblinggoals. This Hollywood sibling duo has conflicts like any other sibling but still, respect one another.

T’Challa is a powerful but kind warrior, while Shuri really is the brains behind the latest tech this tiny African nation has to offer. This brother and sister duo is one of the many reasons Wankada will live on forever. We are seriously going to miss their fun in the upcoming Black Panther film.

Thor & Loki Odison (Thor & Other MCU Films)

Another MCU sibling duo making this list is Thor and Loki Odison. They may not be related by blood – Loki is adopted – these Hollywood siblings share a very complicated relationship that can be seen on multiple planets and realms.

While they were best friends in the first Thor film, the duo started drifting apart when Odin started favouring Thor and decided to make him the next ruler of Asgard. Since then, we have seen the two going after each other – mostly Thor trying to clean up Loki’s mess. Over the years, the sibling’s bond changes drastically, and finally, we see Loki sacrificing his life in order to save Thor.

Jumi & Carmen Cortez (Spy kids)

Juni and Carmen from the Spy Kids franchise are just like every other sibling duo across the globe. The two are always at war with each other, but it kind-off lessens as they team up to save their parents once they learn they were actually part of a spy family.

From siblings that used to argue to one who tends to rely on each other to get out of the stickiest of situations, these two Hollywood siblings went on several crazy adventures as they developed a deeper bond and mastered the art of espionage. And at the end of the day, it is their sibling bond that helps them become winners.

Elsa & Anna (Frozen)

These Hollywood siblings from Disney’s Frozen are one of the most famous sister duos in the world. They share a bond unlike any we have seen to date, aka not actually spending much time together owing to an incident in their childhood.

While one is the snow queen – Anna, the other – Elsa, is a free spirit who embarks on a journey to find her sister and heal their relationship and bring peace, joy and happiness to their kingdom. Even though their status quo changes throughout the movies, they still keep giving us #siblinggoals.

George & Fred Weasleys (Harry Potter)

While there is a bunch full of Weasleys kids, these twins are the best in setting #siblinggoals! These Hollywood siblings are practical jokers who have looked out for each other, no matter the situation. From giving their mother nightmares to making the life of their teachers, sibling Ron and friends miserable, they are the best.

From pulling pranks together in the initial films to quitting school and starting a business together, they never left each other’s side. Fred’s death brought that partnership to an emotional end that had even us in tears.

Which Hollywood sibling duos are the best in setting #siblinggoals? Let us know in the comments.

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