When We Hoped Jung Hae-in & Bae Suzy Were The End Game In 'While You Were Sleeping'
When Jung Hae-in Made Us All Root For Him In While You Were Sleeping & We Rooted For A Different Ending For Lovers Bae Suzy and Lee Jong-suk (Picture Credit: Instagram & IMDb)

Jung Hae-in is currently one of the most sought-after faces of Hallyuwood. His critical success as an actor came with his memorable performances in romance dramas ‘Something In The Rain’ and ‘One Spring Night’ – later, he ditched his lover boy image for Netflix drama ‘DP’. The actor also garnered positive reviews for ‘Snowdrop’ featuring BLACKPINK’s Jisoo alongside him. However, before making us all fall in love with his heroic charms, Jung Hae-in troubled us with the second lead syndrome in ‘While You Were Sleeping’ and we have still not recovered.

Korean dramas are all for romance and long-lost first love that comes lingering back to find what was always meant to be. We often see the male and female leads reminiscing childhood memories and somehow always finding a way to reconnect with their first love. While as impractical as it may sound, these male and female leads always reunite with their past lovers. We root for them, but every once in a while, we come across a second male lead whose jahk-sah-rahng (unrequited love) brings us to tears and leaves us hoping for a different ending.

Jung Hae-in featured in an extended cameo in Lee Jong-suk and Bae Suzy starrer ‘While You Were Sleeping’ which included some fantasy elements along with a dash of romance and thrill. From the beginning bickering of Jong-suk and Suzy, we were confident that they were the end game and we loved the frenemies trope – but that was until Jung Hae-in’s Cop avatar entered the picture and made us all root for him.

The 2017 drama featured many swoon-worthy moments between Jung Hae-in and Bae Suzy that made us feel bad for the former as we knew she was always dreaming of Jong-suk. One particular scene that made us bawl was when Jung Hae-in clicked a picture of his shadow with Suzy and kept the love in a photograph, leaving us all in awe of his innocence and sincerity.

As mentioned, Lee Jong-suk and Bae Suzy ended up calling on forever, while Jung Hae-in accepted his fate with open arms, giving us the heart-ache of our life. But, we do hope that in a parallel universe, Bae Suzy chose Jung Hae-in and they lived happily ever after.

You can watch While You Were Sleeping on Netflix.

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