Rowoon Leaves SF9 Amid High Ratings Of 'Destined With You', Pens Heartfelt Letter For Fans
Rowoon Apologises To Fan In Heartfelt Letter As He Leaves SF9, ‘Destined With You’ Actor To Pursue Solo Activities ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Rowoon is the new national heartthrob in Korea, thanks to his charming performance in the ongoing Netflix drama ‘Destined With You’. His impeccable looks and charming aura accentuated with a dash of sarcasm have made ‘Destined With You’ one of the highest-rated Korean dramas of 2023. Amid his journey to establish himself as a successful actor, Rowoon has now stepped back from his role as a singer from SF9; however, he continues to be a part of the group.

As per a statement released by FNC Entertainment, eight members of SF9 excluding Rowoon will leap forward after renewing their contract. The ‘She Would Never Know’ actor will continue to be a part of the group and will cheer on other members despite pursuing different activities, the statement added.

Check out the statement below:

Hello, this is FNC Entertainment.

This is an announcement regarding SF9’s activities.

SF9, who debuted in 2016 and has been active as our agency’s artist for seven years, came upon the expiration of their first contract on September 18.

All members of SF9 previously renewed their contracts with our agency, and they will now take another leap forward with eight members excluding Rowoon.

Rowoon will focus on individual activities including acting.

Although the directions of their activities are different, Rowoon, who will remain as the ninth member of SF9, along with the other eight members will cheer each other on and each put in their full effort on their own paths in order to impress fans.

We ask that fans continue to show lots of support for SF9 and Rowoon.

Thank you

Rowoon also shared a handwritten note with fans promising to focus and take on this new challenge after seven years.

“Hello, this is Rowoon. I think I had a lot of trouble deciding what/which word to start with. It’s been a while since I’ve written anything & I’m actually a little scared. I think I’ve become a little more used to being active, trying out new things & being stricter with myself. There was a frustration that I couldn’t explain each and every misunderstanding, big or small, and it was a time when I focused on what I had to do right away, thinking that one day, the sincerity would be conveyed,” the ‘Extraordinary You’ actor noted.

Rowoon further added, “I understand that receiving attention & support can be heart-warming, but I guess I’m a bit soft. Sometimes, when a misunderstanding arises, one needs the courage to say no, but those were the days when I was always busy hiding it. I am truly sorry if any fans felt hurt and disappointed by my complacent attitude.”

“If you felt unfamiliar with me because I was different from before & would also have felt sad/disappointed because I hid myself. I sincerely apologize,” he concluded with the words.

Rowoon has been active on the acting front since 2017 – he made his debut with ‘School 2017’. Some of his most noted Korean dramas include ‘She Would Never Know’, ‘King’s Affection’, and ‘Happiness’.

He also made an appearance in Ahn Hyo Seop starrer ‘A Time Called You‘.

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