Kim Hieora Bully Row: The Glory Star's High School Classmate Defends Her In Latest Testimonies, Says "She Was The Type Who Cannot Stand Injustice"
Kim Hieora’s High School Classmate Defends Her In Latest Testimonies(Photo Credit –Instagram)

The South Korean actress Kim Hieora has been making headlines following the allegations of her involvement with the Big Sanji group of S Girls’ Middle School, which was known for bullying, verbal assaults and blackmail. Korean media outlet Dispatch claimed Kim has reportedly apologized seven times to three victims.

Though the actress’ agency, Gram Entertainment, has dismissed all the allegations and stated that she was not involved in such practices, a few days back, Kim herself indirectly admitted to taking money from her fellow schoolmates.

Kim Hieora expressed embarrassment about her past actions and shared the background of being cast in The Glory. She said, “It’s difficult to admit, but I realized that people can oppress and harass others to unimaginable extents. I never thought about it since I was never in the place of being ‘Moon Dong Eun’. I think I also justified my actions by thinking, ‘This extent isn’t enough to be seen as a bully’.”

On Saturday, Kim‘s classmate, who studied in the same class of the Acting Department as the actress, shared testimonies to defend Kim Hieora. The anonymous classmate, who has shared a close relationship with Kim so far, said in a telephone interview with Sports Seoul that Kim was an ordinary and exemplary student in high school.

She said that The Glory actress used to approach everyone quite confidently and claimed that most of the students in their high school were unaware of Big Sangji’s existence. She said, “There was only one Acting Department, so we studied together for three years. We all liked acting so we had no choice but to become close to each other. All of my friends were nice, including Eora. There was a friend who did not socialize much with others so Eora approached that friend without hesitation.”

Kim Hieora’s classmate added, “Creating online cafes and hanging out with friends you made there was a trend during our middle school days. I heard about Big Sangji for the first time through recent articles and it was not a popular group in Wonju back then.”

Talking about Kim Hieora’s high school days, her classmate said, “She was close to the teachers and they always praised her excellent acting skills. Eora was good at both acting and ballet. Our teacher once made a role distribution a little unfair, and I remember Eora speaking up against that. She was the type who cannot stand injustice.”

She continued, “From the first time I met her until now, Eora has never ignored anyone. She neither raised her voice nor provoked conflicts nor spoke rudely to anyone. She might not have a friendly appearance but she always greeted people nicely with a warm smile. I remember other friends whom I’m less close with asking ‘Wasn’t Eora the one whose face would turn red if you teased her for having a pale white skin?’. Even when other kids teased her, Eora would never get angry.”

The anonymous classmate further concluded that Kim Hieora was a friend, and she worked hard and lived sincerely. She said, “Eora majored in Theater at a small university. She received many leading roles because she acted so well. Friends also received invitations to watch Eora’s plays. Due to her poor financial situation, she even lived in a rooftop apartment for a while”, adding “When others changed to variety shows and other forms of entertainment, Eora insisted on pursuing classical acting. She has finally made her name become known but I’m upset that such unpleasant incidents happened. I hope many people will support her.”

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