Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Reveals The Secret To Her Sensually Toned Body & Tiny Waist
Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Reveals The Secret To Her Sensually Toned Body & Tiny Waist ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

The Korean beauty standards have often received backlash from netizens as they label them unrealistic and, at times, cruel. Many K-pop idols have opened up about struggling to maintain their desired figure and weight over the years. Some have also revealed their bizarre diets to stay slim. However, Girls’ Generation star Seohyun is among those who opt for a healthy diet and have stayed fit and slim for years. She recently revealed the secret to her flat tummy and toned body.

The singer-actress, whose real name is Seo Jo-hyun, began her musical career with the girl band Girls’ Generation in 2007. She was joined by her bandmates Taeyein, Tiffany, Sunny, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Yoona, and Jessica. Along with her musical career, Seohyun also focused on her acting gigs.

Apart from her performances with her girl band and K-dramas, Seohyun is also admired for her toned physique. Over the years, she has not changed a bit, and the secret to her mesmerizing shape is everything healthy. She recently revealed how she consumes different types of foods to stay in shape and does not like restricting herself from anything.

During her latest appearance on The Manager, Seohyun said that she does not consume “spicy or salty food” revealing her secret to her health. The K-pop idol continued to reveal what all she consumes in a day and started off by drinking soy milk for breakfast as she was preparing for a photoshoot.

The 32-year-old further had a more filling lunch and ate rice, steak, lobster, vegetables, and fruits. She revealed how she always has one big meal in a day and does not limit herself. Rather than eating the same dishes every day, Seohyun prefers to consume a variety of foods to gain nutrients and build healthy muscles.

She also revealed how she no longer has a taste for sweets and often eats rose tteokbokki, a Korean rice cake simmered in spicy, creamy and sweet sauce. We must agree with Seohyun that a healthy diet can also help us to stay fit..

Recently, BTS’ Jungkook revealed how he was skipping meals to maintain his body weight. The K-pop star left his fans worrying about him with this revelation but confirmed that he was fine.

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