Rowoon & Jo Bo Ah's Fiery Chemistry In Destined With You Sets Internet Ablaze, Check Out Raunchy Scene That Has Internet Going Gaga!
Rowoon Goes All Out To Make Hot Love With Jo Bo Ah In Latest Destined With You Eps, Check Out Steamy Scene That Will Keep You Awake All Night Long! (Picture Credit: IMDB)

If you have been keeping up with the ongoing Korean drama ‘Destined With You’, it’s highly likely that you are currently gripped with Rowoon fever. The SF9 member has become the new internet crush of all the K-fanatics out there, courtesy of his breathtaking visuals that never disappoint, and the ongoing drama seems to be proving our point. As if looks were not enough, Rowoon pulled off an extremely raunchy scene during the latest episode of Destined With You, and this one will go down in history as one of the boldest K-drama scenes ever.

Rowoon, a renowned singer and now a prolific actor, can do it all. After taking a brief hiatus from his boy band SF9, he is currently pursuing acting, and oh boy, he has been at it like he was meant to be an actor. He currently occupies 90 percent of our social media feeds and 100 percent of our brains, but who is complaining? After watching Rowoon in Extraordinary You, She Would Never Know, and Love in the Moonlight, we knew Rowoon had that eclectic charm but nothing could have ever prepared us for the antics he has been pulling off in ‘Destined With You‘ breaking all limits of boldness, and this latest scene from episode 15 appears to be straight from a Wattpad fiction but with visuals. Scroll below to know what we are talking about.

Destined With You has entered its final weekend, and it has something prepared for fans that did not involve a murder and blood-drenched hand – in fact, it was what we could not have even imagined in our wildest dreams. The 15th episode of the ongoing K-drama saw Rowoon (Jang Shin Yu) and Jo Bo Ah (Lee Hong Jo) getting involved in a steamy love-making session that will make you forget Lee Jun Ho and YoonA’s passionate ‘King The Land’ kiss.

The clips of the scene have now become a topic of discussion among K-drama fandoms and have the entire community in a chokehold. A snippet of the raunchy scene was also highlighted on a Reddit page dedicated to the K-drama community, and Redditors had some reactions, rightly so.

“This scene will go down in K-drama history as one of the hottest scenes! I’m going on and on about this but it’s so tastefully done! The one who got undressed was the man and it was just so nice! I’m so proud of our couple!!” one user mentioned.

“One small gesture that made the scene hotter for me was: when Hongjo got giggly and moved out of his embrace, I was expecting JSY to be playful and shy, but he did not even smile, he was all consumed by his need and all get down to the business when he pushed her back again and kissed her.. suddenly from a boy he was a man..that was a very directed scene I must say..and kudos to both the actors for bringing so much steam to the scene,” another user highlighted.

A third user said, “After watching this I have thought about nothing else except for Rowoon’s abs all day at work. Man is fine.”

“Chemistry was Chemistry. Loved how FL became such a shy giggly mess whenever ML showed affection and love. After a long time, I have felt this level of chemistry,” a comment read.

What are your thoughts on K-drama getting bolder and Destined With You coming through to serve the new trend? Let us know!

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