YoonA Was Once Accused Of Having A Secret Affair With Gangnam Style Hitmaker PSY
YoonA Was Once Accused Of Having A Secret Affair With Gangnam Style Hitmaker PSY (Photo Credit: Instagram; Wikimedia)

South Korean singer-actress YoonA has been making headlines ever since she starred in the Netflix romantic drama series King The Land. The actress is among the most celebrated stars in the industry and enjoys a massive fan following. While she is always being praised by her fans, there was a time when YoonA was in the middle of a controversy after being rumoured to be dating Gangnam Style hitmaker Psy.

The singer-actress, whose real name is Im Yoon-ah, began her career as a part of the girl band Girls’ Generation in 2007. The band was soon shot to fame and became one of the most popular K-Pop girl groups.

Along with her commitments to the band, YoonA also moved ahead with her acting career and did many gigs. While her professional career was thriving, people were also interested in her personal life. In 2012, she even fell into a controversy when a report claimed that she had a secret affair with Korean singer Psy, who was already married.

The scandal had no bounds as it was discussed widely. It was reported that Psy and YoonA met during a party and soon began dating. The two remained silent about the rumours, but soon a photo emerged in which the actress’ face was clearly visible, and people assumed the man beside her was Psy.

As the rumour gained traction, YoonA broke her silence and addressed the rumour during an episode of Happy Together 3. She clarified there was nothing between her and the Gangnam Style hitmaker and said, “I couldn’t believe it. I felt so bad for Psy and his wife. If it was a normal scandal, I could have dealt with it, but I was so shocked because he was rumoured to be cheating on his wife even though he has a family.”

The King The Land star continued, “While I was filming Running Man, someone took a photo of me and the camera PD who apparently looks like Psy oppa, and then used that photo to make it look like we were dating but they don’t even look alike. If I knew his number, I would have sent a text message to Psy oppa.”

Talking about when she learned about the rumours, YoonA said, “I learned about the news while I was in Japan, and when I came back to Korea, there were reporters waiting in the airport. I thought about doing the horse dance in front of them, but I figured that might make the rumours even worse, so I contained myself.”

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