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When ‘King The Land’ Stars YoonA And Jun-ho Could Not Keep Their Hands Off Each Other And Made Fans Wish All The Rumours Were True ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA and 2PM’s Lee Jun-ho recently hit it out of the park with their record-breaking drama ‘King The Land’. Apart from the ever-enchanting boss-employee romance trope, the Korean drama raked in high ratings owing to the chemistry between the two leads, offering K-drama lovers many moments to swoon. Their steamy kissing scenes screamed ROMANCE, igniting passion in every frame. Rumors were also rife that YoonA and Jun-ho are dating IRL, sending fans into a frenzy and the internet into a meltdown. However, much to the disappointment of the fans, their respective agencies were quick to set the records straight, denying rumors of their romantic relationship. But, YoonA and Jun-ho have been in each other’s orbit for over a decade and a half now. How? We tell you below.

‘King The Land’ featured Jun-ho as Gu Won and YoonA as Cheon Sarang. While he was a chaebol heir ready to take over the reputed King Group, she was Miss Goody Two Shoes who held her work ethic in the highest regard. Brought together by unforeseen circumstances, flames ignited when they came across each other’s most unfiltered versions.

It’s been a while since Netflix‘s hit K-drama closed its curtains, with the last episode premiering on August 7. However, the hype around the popular rom-com refuses to die down, thanks to YoonA and Jun-ho’s fandom which continues to manifest that their friendship takes a romantic turn. Today, we are exploring all the shared moments between YoonA and Jun-ho that left fans wanting more.

YoonA and Jun-Ho first appeared together in the variety show ‘Family Outing 2,’ with their groups, Girls’ Generation and 2PM, respectively in 2008. Ever since then, the duo has given fans many moments to cherish.

1. Always the first choice

KBS recently came through with a good ol’ throwback of a reality program that also featured YoonA and Jun-ho. The video that dates back to 2009 shows Jun-ho picking YoonA as the most popular female idol as she is good at ‘ruining her image’. That’s soulmate behvaiour, right there.

2. Senorita Dance

YoonA and Lee Jun-ho turned Emcee for MBS 2021 Music Festival, putting their impeccable camaraderie on display. As if their aesthetic visuals were not enough, YoonA and Jun-ho also capitated fans’ hearts with their exceptional collaboration performance on ex-flame Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello’s chartbuster ‘Senorita’. Despite maintaining all the rumors are not true, the fans could not help but notice the undeniable passion and suggested every touch is ooh la la la. However, it could simply be their commitment to their performance, which can be viewed as a testament to their brilliance as artists.

3. Love Never Felt So Good

The King and Queen of the Dramaland returned for MBS Music Festival 2022 and performed on a cover of ‘Love Never Felt So Good’. In contrast to the flirtatious vibes of ‘Senorita,’ this performance was rather charming as the two leads ‘light up the sky’ with their heart-melting ‘Love Song’.

4. It’s all in the BTS!

In 2023, the duo united for their first-ever drama titled ‘King The Land‘ and the insane BTS from the sets of the drama added to fans’ anticipation. YoonA, who is also referred to as Nation’s First Love by Koreans, was all of us when she went gasping for air over Jun-ho’s chiseled physique. The Girls’ Generation member’s eyes were left wide open after she saw a shirtless Jun-ho, and honestly, Same, YoonA, Same!

5. A Kiss Of Love

Ladies and Gentlemen, will you please stand for Jun Ho aka Gu Won who became one of the very few CEOs to seek consent before kissing his employee (YoonA) in the history of K-Drama? Also, the longest kiss scene of all time, this first exchange of love between Gu Won and Sarang is one for the books and has set the romance bar too high for all the romance dramas.

Which moment of YoonA and Lee Jun-ho made your heart flutter the most? Let us know.

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