Whoopi Goldberg Says Will Smith's Career Will Recover After Slap
Whoopi Goldberg Says Will Smith’s Career Will Recover After Slap ( Photo Credit – Whoopi Goldberg / Instagram )

Hollywood star Whoopi Goldberg predicts actor Will Smith’s career will come back to normal after he slapped comedian Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards last month.

Reports surfaced almost a week after the incident that Netflix was pumping the breaks on its Will Smith-starring action-thriller ‘Fast and Loose‘, reports ‘Variety’.

The project was moved to the streamer’s backburner in the days following Smith’s slap. Goldberg reacted to the news on the April 4 episode of ‘The View’, assuring viewers that Smith’s career will rebound.

“Some of Will Smith’s future projects are in question,” Goldberg said.

“The question is does he have a path back? Yes, of course he does! He will be fine. He will be back. No worries.”

Goldberg’s ‘The View’ co-host Ana Navarro argued in favour of Smith‘s comeback, saying she did not agree with Netflix’s choice to drop its planned Smith-starring project.

“He’s had over 30 years of a career, where he’s had a very positive image, been a positive role model, he’s been very philanthropic, he’s done all sorts of things,” Navarro said.

“None of us should be judged by our worst moment. We should be judged by our entire career. And yes, this is going to be with him the rest of his life. It’s going to be in his obituary. This is not going away. But should it define his life? Should it define his career? No, absolutely not. So I think Netflix and all those are making a mistake, and I hope they reconsider, because we should be able to separate his art from what he did.”

Smith announced April 1 that he was resigning from the Academy. He still faces “suspension, expulsion or other sanctions” from the Academy, which condemned his violent actions following the Oscars.

The next Academy board meeting is scheduled for April 18.

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