When Taylor Swift Slammed A Magazine For Implying That She Was Pregnant
When Taylor Swift Called Out A Magazine For Implying That She Was Pregnant With A Child(Pic Credit: Instagram/taylorswift)

Taylor Swift is one of the greatest musicians of the current generation not just for her hit songs but also for the way she calls a spade a spade, whenever necessary. The singer is hailed for her views on feminism and for the way she rose above all the misogyny that exists in the western music industry. A few years back a popular magazine implied through their tweet that Taylor was pregnant and she had the perfect way of shutting them down.

For the unversed, Taylor has lately been in the news as a moment from her Grammy Awards 2010 has been going viral across social media platforms. In the clip, she can be seen dropping one of the four awards that she won that night, breaking it unintentionally into two pieces. The history sort of repeated itself this year as Olivia Rodrigo, who won three titles at Grammys 2022 was seen dropping one of them by mistake, breaking it by the neck.



In the year 2015, Taylor Swift proved as a messiah for several budding artists when she opposed the Apple Music policy update through her blog. In the same year, Tay helped a couple in announcing their pregnancy, winning the internet almost instantly.

When a UK news source by the name OK! Magazine wrote about how she helped a couple announce their pregnancy, they kept the headline clickbaity, making it seem like Taylor Swift had announced her own pregnancy.

This clearly ticked off the songstress and she put up a Tweet calling the magazine out. In a picture attached with the tweet, a huge dolphin could be seen trying to get out of a waterbody while the quote next to it said, “I came out of the ocean because you need to stop”.

Further in a note, Taylor Swift wrote, “@OK_Magazine this misleading headline and your choice of words in labelling me are why we need feminism in 2015.”

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