When Zac Efron Recalled Performing An Uncomfortable S*x Scene With Nicole Kidman In The Paperboy; Read On
When Zac Efron Recalled Performing An Uncomfortable S*x Scene With Nicole Kidman In The Paperboy ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Bold, raunchy scenes in Hollywood are not new, but they can be quite challenging to film for actors. Some use stand-ins, and others go for the real deal. Filming intimate scenes can be uncomfortable for them. Zac Efron experienced the same while filming a bold scene with Nicole Kidman.

Zac and Nicole teamed up for the 2012 film The Paperboy, directed by Lee Daniels. The movie follows the story of a reporter’s investigation into a murder committed by a death row inmate, and Efron portrays the younger brother of the journalist who becomes entangled in the case.

Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman’s on-screen romance in The Paperboy stood out and resulted in a spectacular love scene. However, the two performers’ bewilderment was brought on by director Lee Daniels’ reluctance to outline a clear end to the action.

During a conversation with Buzzfeed, the Highschool Musical actor said, “Basically, I was with Nicole Kidman, and it was insinuated in the scene – it was mostly improv – that we were supposed to hook up, but the director never yelled ‘cut’. Yeah, we went there. It was uncomfortable just because I didn’t know when we were going to stop. It was pretty cool, though, considering it was Nicole Kidman.”

Despite the awkwardness, Zac Efron thought the scene was significant and memorable, especially since he got to work with a co-star he had long admired both as an actor and as a person. Nicole Kidman grew more confident in Zac Efron’s potential as an actor due to their on-screen relationship in the movie.

The Oscar-winning actress recalls one particularly painful scene from the picture where her character had to urinate on Efron’s wounds. The scene garnered a lot of attention when the movie was released, and Kidman was surprised by its internet fame, but she was pleased to have collaborated with Efron on it.

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