Winona Ryder Once Revealed That She Was Embarrassed By Being An Actress & Found It Shallow
When Winona Ryder Opened Up About Her Anxiety Issued & Finding Acting A Shallow Profession(Photo Credit –Facebook)

While there are a lot of words to describe Winona Ryder’s career, ‘smooth’ is not one of them. The actress has seen several ups and downs in her personal life that has affected her professional life as well. While she went off the radar for a few years in her 30s, the diva manages to impress everyone with her talent even today. But despite her success and stardom, Winona used to feel embarrassed about being an actress.

Winona’s personal life has always been in the spotlight. From her affair with Johnny Depp to her shoplifting scandal, the actress has always been vocal about her choices and mistakes. She once opened up about anxiety issues and how being an actress made her feel awkward.

The actress rose to fame early in her career with movies like Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice. Interestingly, Winona Ryder never assumed she would become a star. She was interested in writing, but her parents motivated her to learn acting. Despite mapping her foot in Hollywood, she felt out of place. As per Irish Examiner, the actress once said, “They’d be judging me, ‘Look at her shoes. I bet they cost $400.’ In fact, I grew up with no money – we lived without electricity, running water or heating except for a stove. I know how nauseating it is when actors complain about their lives. We’re sickeningly well-paid people who have very charmed lives. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have problems. For a long time, I was ashamed of being an actress. I felt like it was a shallow occupation.”

Winona Ryder also opened up about her anxiety issues once and how they used to get triggered because of working tirelessly from a young age. She once told Highly Sensitive, “I had had panic attacks from the age of 12 – probably from the pressure of working and then going through adolescence onscreen.” In another interview with Tampa Bay Times, she said, “But at that age, you think that grown-ups have all the answers, so you feel that if you go to someplace like that and pay enough money, they’ll give you a pill or the answers to why you’re so confused.”

The Black Swan actress made peace with her profession after taking a much-needed break from acting in her 30s. She will be next seen in Stranger Things season 5.

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