Tom Hiddleston Once Revealed Seeing Chris Hemsworth Naked
Chris Hemsworth & Tom Hiddleston Have Worked Together In The Marvel Cinematic Universe(Photo Credit–wikimedia)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has given the entire globe a ground to be obsessed with characters from the lands of fiction together. The fantasy troop has managed to create incomparable stories, visuals spectacles and massive box office records. With that MCU has also given us some lovely friendships. One such is of course between Thor: Love And Thunder star Chris Hemsworth and his onscreen brother/nemesis Loki aka Tom Hiddleston.


If you are aware, the two do share a very close bond and are time and again involved in some or the other adorable activities setting buddy goals. But did you know their bromance took a very big turn when Tom one day revealed he knows how Hemsworth looks without clothes?


Well yes, we aren’t cooking this up, Tom Hiddleston said this himself. He did reveal that he does have an idea how Chris Hemsworth looks naked and that created a massive wave of curiosity amongst the fans in no time. But before you get to any conclusions, hold your horses. Below is all you need to know.

The episode is from 2013, when Tom Hiddleston was on a chat show playing Truth or Dare as per Metro Entertainment. The host asked him, “Have you ever seen Chris Hemsworth naked?” to which Tom replied “Yes,” as he giggled and buried his face in his hands.

The actor then quickly decide kill the curiosity and explained how actually he saw Chris Hemsworth naked. “I feel I do need to explain because otherwise it’s weird. He showed me a very funny picture of him with his baby and it was an illustration of how small she was. His wife took the picture. It’s all fine. It’s PG. It was hilarious,” Tom Hiddleston added.

Meanwhile, Chris Hemsworth is all set to go naked in Marvel’s latest offering Thor: Love And Thunder. The actor will be showing his bare b*tt in the movie and has called it a dream sequence in his latest interview. Stay tuned Koimoi for more.

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