When Tom Cruise's First Girlfriend Revealed Spicy Details About Their S*x Life & Compared Him To Austin Powers
When Tom Cruise’s First Girlfriend Compared Him To Austin Powers “We Could Have S*x Whenever We Could”(Pic Credit: Movie Still, Wikipedia)

American actor Tom Cruise is one of the biggest action stars in Hollywood. He has given several blockbuster films. However, more than films, he had made headlines for his relationships with Hollywood actresses. But did you know that once his ex-girlfriend revealed what it is like to romance the Hollywood star?

The Mission Impossible star is one of the few actors who is really the master of all trades. Having stamped his legacy in movies with so many iconic films he’s done in his incredible career, Tom doesn’t really know when to call it a day.

Diane Fox, who was Tom Cruise’s first girlfriend, talked all about the romance she had with the actor before Scientology was even a twinkle in his action star’s eye. The revelation came after 37 years since they met in 1979 when they were just 18.

Talking to Daily Mail, Fox revealed how they went to prom together after meeting for the first time in 1979. She said, “We both blew our dates and joined the after-party. I already felt like we both liked each other. I came out of the bathroom and he was waiting there with a bottle of wine and a big grin, and we kissed right there outside the bathroom. We didn’t have s*x that night but we started dating.”

Diane Cox also recalled how Tom Cruise was like the movie character Austin Powers when it came to s*x. “We could have s*x whenever we could. He was an ah*renee guy like Austin Powers.” She then revealed they had s*x in her father’s car and in their garage, before describing how Tom was a big fan of her back. “He always said how much he liked my back, and it’s not something most 18-year-olds are interested in”, she said.

Diane’s relationship with Tom, on the other hand, ended after 2 years when she cheated on him. Tom was reportedly too much for her to handle. She said, “I wanted to see other people at one point and he got very jealous, very overprotective, and I wasn’t used to that. The intensity of Tom’s whole demeanor really put me off.”

Ultimately she says she “broke his heart,” which is a bummer because she also described Tom Cruise as “very vulnerable.”

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