When Sylvester Stallone Almost Died By Earnie Shavers' Punch
When Sylvester Stallone Almost Died By Earnie Shavers’ Punch ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia )

Sylvester Stallone’s two movie franchises have been synonymous with the actor’s identity, Rocky and Rambo, and among them, Rocky was the first film that catapulted him into success and doing the film franchise, he came face to face with death more than once. He felt his heart swelling when his co-star Dolph Lundgren hit him so hard that he had to be taken to the hospital, and in the third franchise, he was punched really hard by professional wrestler Earbie Shavers.

For the unversed, Shavers was a professional boxer and a two-time world heavyweight championship challenger and is known to be one of the hardest punchers in heavyweight boxing history, who passed away last year in September. But he sure gave Stallone a test of his talent while auditioning for the role of Clubber Lang, which went to Mr T.

As per Fredrick V. Romano’s The Boxing Filmography, Ernie Shavers initially refused to punch Sylvester Stallone upon entering the ring with him. But Stallone, too full of himself, asked though he could take his punch and said to Earnie, “C’mon Earnie, show me something real.” Shavers took on the challenge and showed him what he was made of as he landed a punch in his gut with full force.

Earnie Shavers’ punch right in the liver which almost killed Sylvester Stallone, and as per the book, the Rocky star excused himself to the bathroom to throw up. He said, “That nearly killed me. I went straight to the men’s room and threw up.” However, Shavers did not get the role of Clubber, not because he almost killed Stallone but because of his voice. According to the casting director Rhonda Young, the heavyweight professional’s voice was too high in comparison to what they wanted for Clubber’s tough and intimidating self.

On the professional front currently, Sylvester Stallone and his family launched their reality show like the Kardashians called The Family Stallone as he keeps impressing his fans with his impressive talents.

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