Creed 3 Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Michael B Jordan, Jonathan Majors, Tessa Thompson, and ensemble.

Director: Michael B. Jordan.

Creed III Movie Review
Creed 3 Movie Review Out(Photo Credit –Poster From Creed 3)

What’s Good: Michael makes a smashing directorial debut and revives his Adonis without Rocky Balboa proving that the Rocky universe can successfully go beyond Sylvester Stallone’s presence.

What’s Bad: In his directorial decision, Jordan decides to make the first half a lot too crisper than it should have been. It is kind of a ‘back to roots’ origin story that deserved a bit more marination.

Loo Break: Indian theatres forcefully add intervals to even Hollywood movies, and use that for good.

Watch or Not?: To see the rise of a new era in this universe that was heavily dependent on one superstar, but who is now absent. watch this one. Also, it’s even more personal.

Language: English (with subtitles).

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Runtime: 117 Minutes.

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Adonis Creed has now left the ring after that iconic victory and is a family man raising his daughter while also backing young boxers to ace the craft and become his prodigy. A friend from the past, Dame, comes back to meet him after two decades in jail and wishes to have the titles Creed does. This leads to a fight and that is where it all sums up like every time!

Creed III Movie Review
Creed 3 Movie Review Out(Photo Credit –Still From Creed 3)

Creed 3 Movie Review: Script Analysis

The Creed branch that opened up with the idea of bringing in the prodigies of the Balboa phenomenon was a success. The moment Adonis and Rocky together climbed the iconic Philadelphia museum stairs in the climax of the first film, showed us how even an aged Sylvester Stallone can handle a movie remotely without really indulging in any visible action sequence. But it also kind of challenged the makers to dare and see a future without him where a standalone Adonis Creed reigns without Stallone appearing out of the blue to save his day. Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler decided to take up this challenge and what a victory this is!

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever fame Ryan Coogler who joins Keenan Coogler to write the story of Creed 3 has now found a new skill where he can write stories with the absence of the central lead and make it an emotional tale that not just pays homage to the missing but also finds new life of its own. Creed 3 is not one of those last two movies that had the expectations of an entire district hanging on those chiseled shoulders of Adonis, but this time it’s more personal. The victory this time means redemption more than ever and it is not a ring where two men are fighting off their egos but one trying to make peace with his tragic past.

With Zack Baylin and Keenan on screenplay, the movie finds its soul in the fact that its leading man is now aging and even has a family that demands him to subside his rage and be the father that he is expected to be. His decisions cannot be as rogue as they were once. Add to it the fact that he is raising a special child with a wife with her own sets of battles that she fights with all smiles. The enemy too is close to home. He is the guy who brought Adonis around the ring in the first place but a tragedy tore them apart.

We have seen Coogler explore complex relationship dynamics in the moat unexpected situations already and this is no exception. He finds emotions in the very vulnerable corners of this super strong longing world. The fact that the detailing goes to an extent where Jodan is made to go less leaner and Jonathan Majors is a beast in the ring to show that the former has not been in touch with the metal for a long time is so good. The film is not trying to ace any complex formula, it is as simple as it can be and that’s the beauty. It is the first without Sylvester Stallone, so it treats itself like an origin story where the protagonist has a perfect life but the castle starts to fall in one day and now he needs to get back to work.

One must also appreciate the team for shaping a movie without Rocky Balboa’s physical presence because of late the audience has started to expect him in every single instalment. You never really miss his void because his presence is very much in the memories and references. But one cannot agree with how short the runtime of the film is. For a movie treated like an origin story, the runtime makes things crisper more than required. The second half finds a new life when it decides to go into the characters and highlight their voice. But the first half looks like it is pacing up just to reach the conflict.

Creed 3 Movie Review: Star Performance

Michael B. Jordan has made a very personal film that shows how involved he is in his entire existence in making it. The actor is so organic as Creed that there is no single frame you are allowed to judge. The writing already gives him a lot of emotional baggage to carry and he does it quite skilfully. Jordan is now irreplaceable as the character and this here is a testimony.

Jonathan Majors is here and it looks like the man has taken some special training in being the bad man. With his massive bulging muscles the actor does not have to mouth lines to scare people but only look at you with that gaze. A gaze that will make you fear his presence. He also has a reason to fight Creed, he feels Adonis lived the life that belonged to him. The only complaint is that Kang’s fame deserved an emotional sequence that introduces us to a new layer in him and makes him humane.

Tessa Thompson is brilliant when it comes to supporting Adonis and does the job pretty well. But she is not allowed to go beyond being by Creed’s side. Wish she had more.

Creed III Movie Review
Creed 3 Movie Review Out(Photo Credit –Still From Creed 3)

Creed 3 Movie Review: Direction, Music

Michael B. Jordan makes his debut as a director with Creed 3 and what a smashing entry to the league this is. The actor understands the grammar required to make a movie that is one amongst the many in a franchise. He doesn’t seem to be taking the pressure of building a sequel, but treats this one like a standalone movie that can be watched without knowing the world entirely. If this is what his debut looks like, make way the world of cinema, we have a new skilled man on board.

Joseph Shirley’s music and Kramer Morgenthau’s cinematography help in creating a very immersive experience. The way the flashback sequences and the final fight is shot does add much more to the entire product.

Creed 3 Movie Review: The Last Word

Creed 3 is the Marvel reunion in the Rocky Balboa universe and together the three MCU stars have made a movie that is respectful of its legacy and a tease into its future of it.

Creed 3 Trailer

Creed 3 releases on 03rd March, 2023.

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