When Sarah Jessica Parker Said She Would Not Want Sex And The City To Go Backward With Its Prequel
When Sarah Jessica Parker Did Not Want The Prequel Of Sex And The City To Be Made(Photo Credit –Imdb)

Sex And The City has become a legendary show, and we won’t be wrong in saying that it will soon become a cult classic. The series had all the elements that viewers still find relatable – characters with third-world problems like relationships, careers and love. Its sequel, And Just Like That, took the relatability aspect of the series to a whole new level and gave the audience more reasons to love Samatha Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw.

While the OG show did fairly well (even had its two stand-alone movies), the revival and sequel is performing adequately. But did you know there was a time once when there were rumours about the SATC prequel? Shocker, right? What’s even more surprising is the fact that neither the makers nor SJP were in its favour. Scroll on to learn more.

While talking to LA Times, Sarah Jessica Parker said that she simply did not want people to think about making a prequel to Sex And The City as it would be unfair in every possible way. She said, “I was like, ‘Wha-a-a-a-t? I don’t begrudge any 21-year-old the opportunity to tell their stories. They prove to us on an everyday basis that they’re interesting. Even their narcissism is interesting. Even their inertia is interesting. Even their tonal speech patterns are interesting. But I don’t think we can pretend to go back. It’s creating two histories. It’s like, ‘Oh I didn’t know that about Carrie Bradshaw.’”

Well, everyone knows about Carrie Bradshaw, so Sarah Jessica Parker did have a point there. SATC director Michael Patrick King also weighed in on the matter during another interview and said, “The idea of going backwards and making [Carrie] less evolved … is something that I don’t even imagine doing.” Recurring guest star, Bridget Moynahan, added, “I think they should leave Sex And The City alone. If you want to do something with Blake Lively and Emma Roberts and all these wonderful young actresses, then just come up with your own material and leave Sex and the City as it is.”

For the unversed, while SJP gained global recognition as Carrie, Blake Lively also got world-wide fame by playing Serena in the teen drama Gossip Girl, which, BTW, also has its revival cum sequel now!

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