When Paris Hilton's Friend Brandon Davis Called Lindsay Lohan "Fire Cr*tch" & Rhetorically Asked, "Who Would Want To F*ck Her?" Thus Leading To Decades-Long Feud Between Them
When Paris Hilton’s Friend Brandon Davis Called Lindsay Lohan “Fire Cr*tch” & Rhetorically Asked, “Who Would Want To F*ck Her?” Read On(Photo Credit–Instagram)

Ever since there’s been a Hollywood, there have been celebrity feuds. As glamorous as it looks from the outside, celebs have been pitted against each other when it comes to roles, press, and awards. Conflicts are bound to arise. One of the most famous ones is between Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

The American model-socialite and the Hollywood actress’ fued ran for more than a decade that took centre stage in front of paparazzi, on talk shows, and in editorial interviews. It all began in 2006 when Linday was reportedly linked to Hilton’s ex-boyfriend, Stavros Niarchos, a Greek shipping heir.

Shortly after a video went viral wherein Paris Hilton was seen audibly laughing as her friend, Brandon Davis, went on to insult Lindsay Lohan to the paparazzi. As reported by E!, Davis said, “I think she’s worth about $7 million, which means she’s really poor. It’s disgusting. She lives in a motel.”

He even body-shamed the Hollywood actress, branding her a “fire cr*tch” and rhetorically asked, “Who would want to f–k her?” while Hilton laughed beside him as she holds a phone to her ear. While Hilton’s publicist defended her, Davis later issued a public apology.

Brandon Davis said to Page Six, “What started out as a joke got completely carried away, I am horrified at the words that came out of my mouth.” Lindsay Lohan spoke about the video for the first time months later the apology. Talking to ELLE U.S., Lohan fired back at Paris Hilton, shaming her for her infamous s*x tape, saying, “Obviously, she’s very comfortable making videos.”

The actress claimed Davis and Hilton prank called her afterward and said the socialite also pulled her aside at a club after she had called Niarchos. Lohan insisted she wasn’t in a love triangle with the exes. “I would never fight with a girl over a guy,” she said. “It’s bad karma.”

By November of the same year, Linday Lohan allegedly called Hilton a C*nt on camera but when she was asked to clarify her statement, she said, “I never said that. I love Paris. Paris is my friend.” Only a week later, Lohan claimed that Hilton hit her in the arm with a drink at a party.

Their on-and-off friendship went on for years. It involved a lot of name-callings and denying the accusations between Lindsay and Paris Hilton. Their feud was widely publicized and went on for nearly 20 years. It was only in 2021 that both buried their hatchet and patched things up.

The socialite appeared on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen and said, “I just feel like we’re grown-ups now. I just got married. She just got engaged. We’re not in high school. I think it was just very immature and now everything is all good.”

“I saw that she got engaged when I was on my honeymoon, and I just said congratulations,” Paris Hilton explained of how they got back in touch.

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