Meryl Streep Was Once Slapped & Taunted About Dead Boyfriend By Her Kramer vs Kramer Co-Star Dustin Hoffman
Meryl Streep Was Once Slapped & Taunted About Dead Boyfriend By Her Kramer vs Kramer Co-Star Dustin Hoffman (Picture Credit: Wikimedia)

Meryl Streep and Dustin Hoffman worked together in the 1979 legal drama Kramer vs Kramer. Streep has been very open about the latter’s crossing his limits during the shoot of their movie with the actress once revealing how he touched her bre*sts and flashed himself n*ked in a hotel room when she was a teenager. For the unversed, Streep was also slapped and taunted by Hoffman during the same movie, leaving her stunned. Scroll down to know the details.

Meryl Streep recently made headlines for her split from husband of 45 years, Don Gummer. In the official statement, it was revealed that she and Gummer were secretly separated six years ago. The couple share four children together and five grandchildren. The news has left the Internet in shock as the actress rocked her wedding band at an event recently. However, the duo was last seen together at the 2018 Oscars.

Circling back to Meryl Streep and Dustin Hoffman’s controversy, according to The Independent, the latter taunted her with the name of her deceased boyfriend during the filming of Kramer vs Kramer, as revealed in a biography titled Becoming Meryl Streep penned by Michael Schulman. In the book, it was claimed that it was Hoffman who picked Streep for the role as he was aware of the recent loss of her boyfriend- actor John Cazale. And, he wanted someone who could “draw on a still-fresh pain.” For the unversed, both Hoffman and Streep won Academy Awards for their roles.

Apparently, Dustin Hoffman started taunting Meryl Streep with her dead boyfriend’s name while improvising the lines. Richard Fischoff, one of the producers of the movie, revealed Hoffman was “using stuff that he knew about her personal life and about John to get the response that he thought she should be giving in the performance.”

Meryl Streep, as per the book, turned “absolutely white” and “left the studio in a rage.” The book alleged that Hoffman also whispered Cazale’s name in Streep’s ear “planting the seeds of anguish” before they shot the court room scene.

On a different occasion, Dustin Hoffman slapped Meryl Streep, leaving a red mark on the actress’ face while they were filming a scene. Michael Schulman, in the book, revealed that Streep charged into the hallway and continued filming the scene. Hoffman and Streep never commented on these revelations as the biography was deemed as unauthorized.

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