Margot Robbie Didn't Like Her Character In ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’
When Margot Robbie Didn’t Like Her Character Of Naomi As She Believed It Was “Gold-Digger” ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

Margot Robbie got her shot at fame with The Wolf of Wall Street as it was akin to winning the jackpot. As the actress did hard work while preparing for the role, her performance was equally visible opposite Leonardo DiCaprio. The role of Naomi was a life-changing role for the actress, however, she did have second thoughts before taking on the role.

In the movie, not only did she get to work alongside one of Hollywood’s premier actors, but she also got to work with renowned director, Martin Scorsese. As she didn’t expect the response that her role would get in the beginning, she actually didn’t like her character at all at first read of the script.

In a conversation with Indie Wire, Margot Robbie recalled that she had an adverse reaction while reading the script of The Wolf of Wall Street. She said, “In the first draft that I read it very much seemed like a transaction, and that’s why I didn’t like the character when I first read it,”

Margot Robbie believed the character of Naomi is much like a “gold digger”. She adds, “I was like, she’s a gold digger, very superficial and very transactionary. I thought it didn’t seem much deeper than that.” As the shooting progressed, Margot Robbie got the confidence that she could outshine the character in the movie.

“But the more we worked on the character the more we kind of beefed it up and the story and the relationships developed and became multi-faceted. It was like a complete marriage”, said Margot Robbie.

The actress believed that she understood more of the complexities of the character and found more to empathize. While preparing for the role she examined the relationship between Naomi and Jordan as it also helped Robbie see Naomi in a new light.

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