Jennifer Lawrence Lied At Airport Customs & Ended Up In Jail
When Jennifer Lawrence Was Attained By Customs Officer & Ended Up In Jail For 5 Hours ( Photo Credit – Still from The Graham Norton Show )

Jennifer Lawrence, who played Mystique in the first X-Men film shared her experience of how she ended up in a “tiny jail” when she had to lie to an airport customs officer. However, Jennifer Lawrence had to learn a lesson the hard way. Read on to find out what actually happened.

While sharing the experience of how Jennifer Lawrence was auditioning for the first X-men movie, she shared an incident about her passport expiring in six months and she had to move to London.

The actress had to move across the seas to meet with Matthew Vaughn, director of X-Men: First Class, and reveals the advice they gave her that would help her in getting out easily. She says, “They were like ‘whatever you do, don’t tell them that you’re here for work because they’ll ask for a work visa’, say you’re here for pleasure”.

The X-Men actress was at The Graham Norton Show and revealed how she had to face a customs officer when she told them she was there for her brother’s wedding. When the officer asked where it was, if she has an invitation card, and eventually if she was telling the truth she burst out and spilled the truth. She said, “I’m here for work and I don’t have a work visa and my passport expires and I’m not even supposed to be here!”

Jennifer Lawrence later revealed that she got nervous and spill out all truths in front of the customer officers which landed her in jail for 5 hours. She later adds, “And I had to sit in like a tiny jail for like five hours” and reveals she felt embarrassed.

This incident proves why one should always have updated documents while traveling as you may never know, anything can happen!

Let us know what do you think about this incident of Jennifer Lawrence being attained by the customs officers?

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