Jennifer Lawrence Once Jokingly Mistook Kim Kardashian’s N*de Makeup Brush For A D*ldo: “Oh Nevermind, I Don’t Have That”
Jennifer Lawrence Once Assumed Kim Kardashian’s N*de Coloured Contour Brush Was A D*ldo & The Colour Is Not The Reason Why! ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Jennifer Lawrence is a stunning actress known for her acting talent, fashion sense and amazing sense of humour. The versatile actress, who is known for making bold statements during interviews and talk shows, once interviewed reality star and businesswoman Kim Kardashian and their interaction is something that cannot be missed.

Years ago, JLaw got an opportunity to interview Kim, and there she revealed to the makeup mogul that she thought one of KKW’s products was a d*ldo. Read on to know all about it.

While promoting her makeup brand KKW in 2017, Kim Kardashian appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and was interviewed by actress Jennifer Lawrence. During their conversation, JLaw held up a n*de coloured contour brush by Kim’s brand and said, “Kim is here to talk about her cosmetic line KKW. This is one of her products which I think, I have. (flips it and spots the brush) Oh nevermind, I don’t have that. This is for blush?”

Correcting Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian said, “It’s for contour, blending contour. Yes, not what you think it is.” The Hunger Games actress added, “It is not at all what I thought it was for,” indicating that she thought it was a d*ldo.

Quickly defending the colour of her makeup product, Kim Kardashian said, “You know what, I guess, when I was doing that, I never thought all my things are like flesh colour so I get it, but…that wasn’t really the colour.”

In the video, Jennifer Lawrence revealed that it wasn’t necessarily the flesh/n*de colour o the product that made her think it was a d*ldo but the shape of the sponge blender at one end of the stick. In response, Kim revealed a little detail about her s*x life and said, “You see, I usually see darker colours so that didn’t come to mind. It was after the fact, I was posting it on social media and I was like, sh*t, this looks like a d*ldo.”

Watch their interaction here:

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