Did You Know Jason Isaacs aka Lucius Malfoy, From Harry Potter Franchise Fell To His Knees & Begged JK Rowling?
Harry Potter Fame Jason Isaacs aka Lucius Malfoy, Once Fell To His Knees & Begged JK Rowling For This Reason (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Jason Isaacs, who rose to fame after his performance as Lucius Malfoy, father of Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton), was highly appreciated in the Harry Potter franchise. However, did you know he was not okay with the character’s look and had added his own touch, which left the crew in panic mode? Yes, that’s right.

Jason had even begged JK Rowling to keep him in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Well, keep scrolling to read this throwback interview and know more about Isaacs’ chaos. Lol!

In an old interview with SCI FI (Via Coming Soon), Jason Isaacs opened up about his desire to be in the final instalment of the Harry Potter franchise and once joked that he had begged JK Rowling to revisit Lucius Malfoy’s future. He had said, “I fell to my knees and begged. It didn’t do any good. I’m sure she doesn’t need plot ideas from me. But I made my point. We’ll see. Like everybody else, I’m holding my breath to July to see what’s in there.”

Earlier, in another interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jason Isaacs had shared how he didn’t like his character’s initial appearance and asked the creators to make the necessary changes. He said, “I went to the set, and they had this idea of me wearing a pinstripe suit, short black-and-white hair. I was slightly horrified. He was a racist, a eugenicist. There’s no way he would cut his hair like a Muggle, or dress like a Muggle.” He then suggested to Chris Columbus to give Lucius entire white hair, a garb and a cane.

“I asked for a walking stick, which Chris Columbus first thought was because I had something wrong with my leg. I explained I wanted it as an affectation so I can pull my wand out [of the cane]. After a second’s thought, he said, ‘You know what, I think the toy guys are going to love you.’ He was completely right,” Jason added.

He even added a different accent while talking like Lucius, which gave Chris a panic attack. However, it was Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry Potter in the franchise, came to the rescue of Jason.

Well, did you know about this? Let us know.

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