When Heath Ledger Slammed A Reporter's Homophobic Question His Brutally Honest Response
Heath Ledger Once Shut Down A Homophobic Remark! ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Heath Ledger was a fine actor gone too soon, but his legacy still lives by through his movies. One of his most notable works includes Brokeback Mountain’ alongside Jake Gyllenhaal, where they portrayed gay lovers. Once in an interview, Heath shut down a reporter whose remarks did not sit well with the late actor; scroll below to get the deets!

Heath and Jake-starrer film was released in 2005 and went on to win three Oscars in the categories Best Achievement in Directing, Best Writing Adapted Screenplay and in Music, Original Score. Jake and Heath got nominated in the leading role category, while Michelle Williams got nominated for the supporting role.

A video clip from Brokeback Mountain’s press conference had been going viral on Instagram, and it has been posted by CinemaBuffCentral, where one of the reporters could be seen asking Heath Ledger, “How do you respond to people who suggest that this is disgusting?” Ledger perfectly handled the question and slammed it with his apt response as he said, “I think it’s an incredible shame that people go out of their way to voice their disgust or negative opinions against the ways in which two people choose to love each other.”

The Joker actor then continued, “At least voice your opinions about how two people show hate and violence and anger towards each other. Isn’t that more important? I think so.” Speaking of the audiences’ potential reaction to Brokeback Mountain, the actor said, “I also feel like it will surprise people. It’s obviously about two men in love, and it’s obviously gay-themed, and it’s very easily labelled, but unfortunately, people are quick in life to label something that they’re uncomfortable with.”

Heath Ledger continued, “The pure fact of it is that it transcends a label. It’s human. It’s a story of two human beings, two souls who are in love. Get over the fact it’s two men. That’s the point. The movie is not the story of an epidemic or a virus, or something that can be cured in a hospital. We’re showing that love between two men is just as infectious and emotional and strong and pure as it is with heterosexual love.” Heath lastly concluded by saying, “And if you can’t understand that, just don’t go see the movie.”

The internet can’t stop lauding the late actor with one saying, “He is a CLASS ACT”

A user praising the movie wrote, “Their story was actually a love story. It was incredibly sad.”

Another said, “Just don’t go see the movie ❤️ loved how he gently gave him a reasonable alternative…… “

Followed by, “Great film. Great reply. RIP Heath. Such a shining bright light,” “Owned it!!! Way to go,Heath!!!!!” and “Amazing and appropriate response. What a great guy. He is missed in the world.”

Check out the video here:

Heath Ledger passed away in 2008, leaving the entertainment world grieving and devoid of such a great talent.

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